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Random inflamed stomach out of nowhere with weird symptoms

37 year old male. 5'8, 150 pounds. Muscular and fit. Active full-time job working in a warehouse. No previously known health issues. Around February 1, my mother got some kind of sickness that caused her to throw up and have diarrhea simultaneously for a couple of days. Probably a stomach virus. I had no stomach pain going on at that time. So long story short, it started out that I stayed up about 40 hours with 1-2 hours of total sleep trying to take care of her (she was too sick to clean up anything) and working a couple of full work days on that low sleep. Obviously, my body wore down and I got sick within a couple of days. I didn't have vomiting like she did. I just had frequent black watery/paste-like diarrhea. She also had the watery black diarrhea. Mine was bad for 2-3 days. Afterwards, I had intermittent diarrhea sometimes and it slowly stopped over the next couple of days. My solid stools were black for a while, but docs suspected all of the pepto bismol affecting the color. One night the pain just became unbearable in my stomach area and I was freaking out wondering if it was Pancreatitis. A visit to the ER prompted a CT scan with contrast. They scanned the abdomen and pelvis. Back then I was having pain in the stomach area (solar plexus), middle of the stomach and also lower stomach with the bladder. A urine sample was negative for infection, but the CT scan noted mild thickening of the bladder wall for an unknown reason. That seems to have gone away when the sickness officially went away, but my bladder felt 'stiff' like cardboard bending (when I bent over forward) when I was sick. My urine color is a bright orange color whenever I pee into a bottle, but looks greenish if in the toilet. It smells really strong/salty, sometimes a little fishy. No infection was found. Could be the Gaviscon (lots of salt content) that I sometimes take or it could be the Pantoprazole 40mg twice a day that the doc put me on to keep down stomach acid. He also told me to take Pepcid AC 20mg three times a day on top of the Pantoprazole.

Even doing those things and watching my diet, my stomach still burns an awful lot in the solar plexus region. Over the past 3-4 days, I've become dizzy, but my ears have also felt a bit weird. I went to the doctor today and he looked in my ears and didn't note much redness, but said that my right ear had a 'scratch' in it and he asked me if I scratched it. I think the assistant before him may have scratched it when he looked in my ear rather roughly with the device. Either way, they gave me Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone Otic Solution in the form of drops. 4 drops twice a day. I just started those this afternoon, so I'm not sure if my ears are causing my dizziness.

I don't sleep as well as I should (suspected condition called UARS that will be checked when I get my insurance on April 1) and a lot of RERAs were discovered in my sleep study from 2018.

My two big and only issues are my burning stomach no matter how many antacid meds I take and my dizziness/vertigo feelings.

I'm also exhausted all of the time. I'm trying to get in sleep when I can, but there are nights when my stomach in the solar plexus area burns so much that I can't sleep. I've had nights where I got 1-2 hours of sleep because of that. I've been to a Gastroenterologist who did an Upper Endoscopy down to the Duodenum and took some biopsies. They came back negative for cancer and H. Pylori (which was suspected and/or an ulcer). No ulcers found, just a really inflamed stomach.

I'm taking the antacid meds and trying to watch my diet (eating broccoli and such to reduce stomach swelling). Yet it still burns SO much. Any advice?

I also have a pink butterfly-like shade on my face like some people get when they're really hot or tired. It looks like the 'rash' that people get when they have MS, but mine isn't like that. It is just a light pink tinge on the skin and not a rash at all. More like a butterfly-shaped rosacea pattern or something, but I don't have rosacea. My stomach "pulses" a lot during the day and night. It is like my stomach is vibrating/shaking and sometimes my whole body feels shaky. However, the pulse does not match my heartbeat and is much more rapid of a shake.

What the heck could be wrong with me?  Insurance kicks in 18 days from now. I want to find a more local GP doctor and get some things done. I also want to have a sleep study again.  A previous one revealed a high number of Respiratory Effort Related Arousals (RERAs) with an RDI of 18. So I don't sleep that well some nights. Sometimes around 9pm to 11pm at night when I'm just sitting at home relaxing, my otherwise normal heartbeat will start racing like I'm having a panic attack. I'll shake all over with adrenaline, yawn a lot, feel like I can't breathe, etc.

Can the stomach cause a panic attack?
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I should also note that I started having panic attacks about 3 months ago. Not sure if they were stomach related then, but it is like they are now. When I take a shower and the water hits my skin, my body freaks out. Never had anxiety issues after 37 years. My "shaking" stomach feels odd all day and night. My GP doctor has done all kinds of blood tests over the past 2-3 months. Everything was normal. 3 ER visits worked me over for everything blood related, including thyroid. Cardiologist visit showed a healthy heart after a full Stress Echocardiogram. It doesn't seem to be heart related.
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