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I have always had stomach issues. About 2 weeks ago I started juicing vegetables and fruit and about day 3 I had horrible gas with incredible stomach pain. I just thought my body was in detox. After a week of this I went and got an endoscopy and the doctor found I have duoenditis. Or inflation of the small intestine where is starts after the stomach. I keep reading it could be h pylori but I am so unsure. I am having horrible acid reflux too. He took some biopsy’s but now I have to wait. I have anxiety bad all the time, my stomach is puffed out, and have horrible pain. The anxiety is crippling and my mind is going a thousand miles an hour. Can someone please calm me down?? I am also so tired all the time. Can h pylori cause all these symptoms and the anxiety too?? I have never been through this so I could use some advice. Could the juicing cause all this?? If not h pylori what else can cause this? I also read about Chrones?? Sorry for the spelling.  
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I'm sorry you are stressed.  Honestly, these things are not life threatening.  They are highly treatable and common.  Inflammation of the duodenum is common. H pylori is often the cause.  They are testing you for that? Normally they can detect it fairly easily.  Then you are treated typically with an antibiotic and anti acid medication.  You should be fine, truly.  Try not to worry.  Crone's disease is a bit different than what you describe.  Typically bathroom issues are involved.  
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Awesome thank you so much!! I have health anxiety really bad!! Everything seems so much worse
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