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Stool Consistency (Breakage -- Fiber Intake

For the past several months I have been experienced BM's consisting of broken stools, pieces (after a bout of Covid). I haven't had an exam yet but spoke to a doctor who recommended a fiber supplement or stool softener. I took a Metamucil like powder which initially worked like a charm. In fact, after a week or so, my BM's were the most regular they have even been -- and were productive and consistent. However, this past week, the BMs have reverted back to the breakage even with the fiber powder intake. I probably haven't been as consistent with the fiber and maybe last week my water intake probably dropped, but I kicked water intake back up this week and haven't changed anything in my diet or vitamin intake, but still experienced broken BMs. There is no pain, I am still going regularly and the pieces aren't necessarily even hard -- just broken again for the past few days. I'll monitor and will go get an exam soon, but anybody experience something similar or have any thoughts? The thing that just gets me is it reverted back these past few days even with me still getting additional fiber. Thanks.
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I hear you loud and clear. After a plethora of tests and scans for similiar issues, I was
told to start using VSL#3 probiotics capsules. They are available from some pharmacies
and from the manufacturer. They must be refigerated and are shipped in a cold packed
container. After using these for about a month, I went back to normal BMs.

Here is a link with more information :

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THANK YOU! Will look into this.
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