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Symptoms that don't disappear

Hi, everyone. I am 25 years old and I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms since a long time and I am absolutely unable to get rid from any of them. My main digestive issue is pale and very soft stools, like a mild diarrhea that is happening almost everyday. I have a lot of gases as well. The diarrhea gets worse when I eat a lot of nuts but, if I don't eat them, it doesn't improve too much. I have been always skinny and it is getting worse last months. Moreover, it seems that when I eat a lot, then I get worse than when I eat less. Moreover, I usually feel very tired, irritable, angry, sleepy and I forget things constantly. Specially when I eat a lot and then I get this diarrhea, I feel very week, my hands start to tremble and, overall, I feel really sick. However, these days I was eating less and surprisingly, I don't feel that way, but a bit a better (but I don't feel even close to my 80%, anyway).

I had recently a blood test and everything looked fine. Just bilirrubine was too high, but I have Gilbert's Syndrome, so I know that's completely normal. My GP told me to go lactose free, but it didn't work at all. The only thing that made me improve was avoid eating huge amount of nuts.

On the other hand, I need to say that I have also struggled with hair loss during a lot of time. I lose a huge amount of hair everyday and it didn't stop at all since I first realized this. However, as my GP mentioned, it's just androgenetic allopecia, so I don't have anything to do with that, just waiting to see myself going bald. Appart from that, the skin of my face is often itchy, full of pimples and very dry (and even other parts of my body). I think I should have showers less often, because it seems that I am completely damaging my skin. I also struggle with erectile dysfunction, premature eyaculation that seem to be caused by loss of libido. I am completely impotent, no erections, never! Almost no sexual desire as well.

Going back to my blood tests, I also got checked of celiac disease with IgA transglutaminase and it was negative by far (almost 5 times below the top limit). As the lactose free diet didn't work, my GP referred my to the gastroenterologist but... yeah, pretty cool... I booked a consultation on May next year, because it couldn't have been earlier! So, as you can imagine, I'm completely desperated with this right now. It looks like I'm crazy because it seems that everything I eat makes me feel bad so I am trying to avoid this and that, without results. The only thing I am achieving is loosing even more hair and lose even more weight so yeah... I am fine 😑.

My GP also told me that pale stools could be a normal thing with Gilbert's Syndrome but that doesn't explain diarrhea, I guess (despite that can be a symptom, but I think Gilbert's Syndrome shouldn't give chronic diarrhea this way). I don't want to feel like this the rest of my life, specially with no sexual desire. So, I was thinking going gluten-free for a little time and see if that makes me improve, but maybe everyone will think I'm crazy and say "I am sure that you're not celiac". I've seen that some people improve with gluten-free diet even if they aren't diagnosed as celiac (non-celiac gluten sensitivity, for example). Probably that won't be my case, but I should give a try, maybe. I have also read that some people get a negative in their celiac tests, but they are actually celiac because the test returns a certain amount of false negatives.

For some years, my symptoms haven't changed at all, so I'm desperate about this. I tried avoiding alcohol (0% since 2020), walking more, changing some things of my lifestyle and even having showers less often to avoid washing my hair too much and damaging it even more. Nothing worked at all. Some of the things that should "make me feel better" made me feeling much, much worse. Any idea of what I should do?
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this could be an ongoing fungal infection.  you have all the symptoms i do.  it has taken me 2 years of research to find an answer.
it has taken over 100% of my body.  the fatigue is the worst.  pain is second, mostly at night.
if you hear clacking in your head it means the fungus is growing.  
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I have what 4 doctors could only call IBS which means who knows what's wrong, even after all kinds of scans.  I was advised to start taking a multivitamin and prescribed an anti-anxiety med.  Blood tests can change pretty quickly in a period of 6 months for me so maybe don't wait for that appointment to ask.  I want to make it very clear that cancer was and is not the cause of my digestive issues, but my constant pestering of my doctors got me in for a procedure and found intestinal cancer!  A while later and I've been cancer free for a year.  So I've had every test and exam done since then and found out I have a liver problem at 28.  If you're in a position I've been in don't let doctors tell you because you're young you are healthy.  Don't be a hypochondriac; get what you need.
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i had ibs many years ago.  my retiring doctor called me to come in.  he said ibs is all in your head, you know.  i said really?  from worrying like that i asked?  yup, he said.  live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  worrying and anxiety cause ibs.  i was cured instantly.
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