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There's something sticking out of my *******.

I haven't noticed this until a week after being confined in the hospital because of dengue fever. During my confinement, I had a hard time defecating as well as walking. A day before being discharged, my pediatrician examined my anus and told me that it may be hemorrhoids and she prescribed me to apply Mucopolysaccharide polysulfate on the area once a day. I did as I was told. When I was at home, I always feel some kind of sensation whenever I wipe my butt. I stopped using the cream after the pain resided but after a few weeks or so, I noticed a tiny "flap" of "skin" near the exterior of my *******. I searched the internet for images of external hemorrhoids but it didn't look exactly like any of what I have found. I started using the cream again for safety measures but I haven't consulted my pediatrician until now. What could it be?
Additional Information:
*I noticed that I seem to touch it several times when I'm asleep.
*There is always "dirt" on my underwear upon waking up.
*The "thing" itches and feels very discomforting several times a day.
*It seems that the "thing" has grown in size...or so I think.
*Any one who would like to view an image of "it" can ask me to provide a picture. Send me a message.
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It definitely sounds like a hemorrhoid.  Use the medication as prescribed and if it doesn't get better, see your doctor.  Use a cortizone cream for the itching, the itching just keeps it irritated.  Hemorrhoids grow and shrink, and I'm sure the cream was shrinking it and when you stopped using it, then it swelled again.  You probably developed this from being constipated.  You can actually push it back inside the anus with no problem.  I think it may be time to have your pediatrician take a second look, and if you get no answers, see a Gastroenterologist.  Take care...
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I actually just went through the experience of having an external hemorrhoid. It was huge. There was no pain or itching involved, which I thought was strange. I was sent to a Colon Rectal Surgeon. He explained that it was a blood clot and would not go through your system if it broke. I had the choice of having them relieve it or just let it go on it's own. The doctor suggested I just let it go, but it was my decision. It is more painful for them to do anything with them. I was told no excerise or heavy lifting and to stay off my feet for a few days. Laying down was a must. If I had any pain then I had to go back. Well mine healed on it's own. In your case you should see someone, as you are experiencing pain and itching. As for the dirt on your underwear, the doctor told me to expect that. You really need to have it checked to see if it's external or internal. It does take awhile for them to subside. Mine took 3 weeks. Good Luck and I hope you get the answers you need!
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