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Throat / Stomach Gagging Feeling

Hey all. My name is Mike.

I have been diagnosed with reflux and have had it for a little over a year now. With many meds, the acid has been neutralized but I still have some problems. My throat. I feel nauseous allllll the time no matter what. I am a fairly good looking cat, so girls are a priority in my life at the moment. But adding in nerves and feelings to the mix and I am a mess. When I am alone, I feel gaggy, but it's not a big deal to me because, if I have to go throw up, then I'll go throw up (never have). But when I am hanging out with or meeting a girl that I have some interest in, I feel worse like I am going to throw up, sometimes exiting myself from the situation because it gets so bad. I finally can handle some situations where it's in a controlled area (outside or where a bathroom is in the vicinity) and hang out with a girl. When it comes to going out to eat with her or meeting her parents or friends, I don't think I can ever imagine myself doing that. (Before this reflux bout, I had so much confidence that I was probably over confident, never felt like throwing up, no problems, it wasn't even in the back of my mind) Also, this nausea problem isn't just with girls, it's also when I'm with intimidating people or say going to a job interview, dentist, people I don't know. And it's not just psychological because I always feel a gaggy feeling or throat tightness, it's just worse in these situations, if it never existed at all, it wouldn't be a problem, I've had nerves plenty in my past and never felt like vomiting I've done it all; been on stage, made speeches, etc.
    To the next part, my throat closing and feeling like I can't breathe. I am a marijuana user, use to be a cigarette smoker but quit after all of these reflux issues, it adds to my nausea. When I smoke marijuana it helps keep my mind off of vomiting, but then comes my throat completely closing up and feeling like I can't breathe and my esophagus spasming, I feel like I'm going to die and shortly after my nausea comes right back. This is all a lose lose situation. I've read about VCD, LPR and all that stuff, but found no answers. I've seen 2 ENTs(ear nose throat), 3 GI doctors, allergists, primary doctors, got endoscopys, pH studies, everything, and all who undermind my problem and don't realize how bad it is. I have reflux and that is definitely a trigger to the situation. Will I ever get my life back? Do I have to kill myself or what? Does anyone have remedies on relaxing your throat and getting rid of those feelings? I wish there was a dating site for guys and girls in my situation so we can all be in misery together atleast, hehe
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Also, my stomach feels nauseous half as much along with it, and I understand your stomach feels nauseous after eating, but it's even on an empty stomach where I can nauseous too, and if it's been many many hours since I've eaten, my throat closes up again and I'm short of breath along with esophagus spasms. So odd.
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Hi, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Literally, I can relate to everything and Its aggravating. I've been looking on the web for remedies and info about it but didn't find much, and taking acid reflex pills but their not helping,... Have you found or come up with anything that's help or solved your gagging issue? I've found peppermint candies or gum and orange flavored candies have helped recently, but not very efficient.. :( .
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