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globus, eating & drinking, and sneezing

I'm a 42 year old guy, dealing with globus sensation for something like six months.  The past 3 of them, taking omeprazole.  Which is somewhat helping, a little.  I guess.
My main question is:  Is it meaningful for globus to be worst when eating and drinking?  Because every description of it I read says "the sensation goes away when eating or drinking, then comes back later."  For me it's the opposite.  I've taken to chewing food as much as I can so I have less of it to swallow, and to avoiding the fizzy carbonated water I used to drink all the time.  Trying to lessen the sensation.
I don't have anything else like hoarseness or a cough.
I do notice that sneezing sometimes makes my throat hurt worse for the next couple times I swallow afterward.
My globus began as pain in my neck and jaw (variously located) when I would lay down at night.  Then a bit later, the actual globus sensation (which also was worse when laying down).  I still notice this, actually, particularly if I lay on my back.
I saw an ENT, who looked at my throat through a nasal scan and didn't see anything bad, other than I have "big tonsils."  He recommended that after this current box of omeprazole I try to transition off of it and "see what happens."  This to me seems kind of like admitting that it hasn't been all that helpful.
I also acknowledge that it's probably anxiety related.  It's my belief that the country will be stuck in a worsening pandemic for a good long time, that our way of government may collapse by the time this election is through, we're pretty well screwed climate wise, and so on.  What can I say, I'm a realist, I guess.
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did you found out what it was? I have a similar problem but I have had vocal symptoms such as tightness when speaking and/or smoking cigars.
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I don't think I particularly learned anything more about it, no -- it just eventually went away.
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