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persistent inflation abdomen/stomach area and frequent swelling in left ankle.l

Help with abdomen and ankle swelling along with inflammation in upper body.

I am a 34 Male experiencing multiple symptoms and could not figure out thats causing it after visiting multiple doctors. This is going to be a little long description so please bare with me.

TL;DR  - persistent inflation abdomen/stomach area and frequent swelling in left ankle. Comes with back and shoulder pain.
The pain in abdomen is experienced when pressed otherwise I just feel the heaviness.
Minor tightness in ankles and usually goes away with different Stretches But now a days it doesn't.

Primarily -  
Few times a year I get swelling in left ankle which lasts about 2 weeks and through out the year randomly I get tightness in left ankle. Whenever this happens I feel whole body inflamed - like fingers feels but thick, ring feels tight and increase in lower back pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain. I feel like the whole spine is inflamed.  
Lately since last 3 months I have been experiencing pain (when pressed) in front of body As well specially in abdomen area, around belly button , bottom of rib and around both nipples and chest to shoulder. When I message these using my fingers - I feels nerve/veins/muscles being thicken and inflamed. Sometimes rubbing particular part like around underarm or nipple or around shoulder releases everything and it feels Normal. Nowadays severity is increasing massaging those doesn’t cure symptoms and sometimes end up taking anti-inflammatory ( neproxene  or celebrex ) which I got from previous visits to drs.
Now the stomach are inflammation is persistent and ankle gets swelling more often and doesn't go away with stretching or messaging.  

So far, I have been to
Couple of physicians - suggested see ortho
orthopedic - they said nothing mechanically wrong. Did X-rays and ankle mri
Rheumatologists - said not matching arthritis markers  
Chiropractors - adjustments helpS sometimes but cant figure whats wrong.

Please help me point which doctor to see and what to ask. I live in NJ and I am looking for a doctor who can do detective work to figure out root cause not only just write pain killers.  

Thank you again for reading and I really appreciate your help.
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