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Any one else have these symptoms?

Hello all, I have a lot of symptoms that i have mentioned to my doctor but theirs a few im concerned about. I have had stomach issues for several years now. A year ago I developed a heart murmur ever sense then I get daily heart palpation's. Sometimes after I eat my heart feels like its pounding or beating fast laying down helps and I usually start belching and I cant breath very good until I get the air out.I get skipped heartbeats everyday. In September I started getting minor forehead headaches that usually happen at night, while im shopping or after i get done shopping, or if im at work being on the computer all day. It use to happen almost every time at work along with dizziness. I use to never get headaches now its almost a daily thing. Its minor pain and usually occurs at night I just dont know what causes it and the dizziness happens randomly but often. I have also been to a heart and stomach doctor they never really found anything wrong. My stomach doctor just said i produce to much acid but acid reducers dont always help me. I even mentioned POTS to my regular doctor because i have several of the symptoms but she said its uncommon and never tested me for it. Had my thyroids checked and it was negative. I have had a b12 and vitamin D deficiency. Thats all normal now but they said my potassium was slightly low so I take supplements every other day because i know if i gets to high it can cause problems as well. I took the acid reducer Dexilant a few months ago and noticed ever sense then my left eye will twitch and I will get like a flash of light in the corner of my eye randomly but almost daily for no reason. Its very odd to me. Any one else have any ideas what could be causing these headaches or dizziness plus daily heart palpations or what to do about it?
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Sounds like magnesium deficiency symptoms.  There are warnings for magnesium deficiency with acid blockers too just to add. My mother had severe GERD, severe LPR, severe painful gastritis and about 30 other medical conditions and all those conditions went away when she increased her stomach acid with betaine HCL with pepsin and improved digestion with digestive enzyme supplements. Proteases (proteins that digest enzymes) healed the gastritis.

Jon Barron - Baseline Of Health - Stomach Acid...

":The bottom line here is that most people are very confused about the role stomach acid plays in health. Most people:

Think they have too much, when in fact they have too little.
Treat the symptom and suppress stomach acid production, ultimately leading to long-term health problems.
Ultimately lose the capacity to produce sufficient stomach acid as a result of dietary abuse and continual use of medications to suppress the body's ability to produce it.

Don't get into that trap.

Use digestive enzymes with all your meals.
Drink aloe vera juice.
Use probiotic supplements with confidence.
Use proteolytic enzyme supplements with confidence.
And, if needed, use apple cider vinegar or betaine hydrochloride supplements to make up for stomach acid insufficiency."
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Gastroesophageal reflux is a common disorder in many people, and for those who don't respond adequately to the antacids, there are over the counter PPI's (proton pump inhibitors) that reduce the acid production, like Prevacid, Protonix, and Nexium.  They do work well.  You do sound very anxious to me as well, and I'm wondering if your cardiac issues are related to anxiety?  Palpitations are typically caused by anxiety, and perhaps when you received your diagnosis of a heart murmur, it has triggered an anxiety for you.  Given that your potassium level was slightly low, however, that can also be the reason for the irregularity.  Did they recommend that you eat banana's a couple of times a week to boost your potassium level prior to starting the supplement?  Taking a supplement at your age, isn't wrong, but it's typically best to start diet related items first.  And, given that the blood/lab work window to hypokalemia and hyperkalemia is so small, supplements scare the bejesus outta me.  Are you on any diuretic type pills, or drink an excess of caffeinated beverages daily?  Unless you have an eating disorder, or have been suffering from diarrhea or vomiting lots, or are being treated with a diuretic for blood pressure issues, you should not have hypokalemia.  
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