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Chest pain and cough for months..?

So, for 3 months now, I've been coughing. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes, like right now, I just get random tickles in my troat with results in coughing.

I've had chest pain before within these 3 months, but it went away. Now it's back, and it's a bid odd. Sometimes it's a burning sensation with over the counter meds for acid reflux can take care of, and sometimes it's random tightness/sharp stings both medial and lateral on my chest. Especially when bending over.

No pain when pressure is put on my ribcase. I've done no physical activities that could result in muscle ace. I don't believe, I cough enough for rib muscles to get tender.

I'm on antibiotics and pantoprazol actavis (for acid reflux). The later I've taken for 3 weeks, no change. Same story seems to go for the antibiotics.

What in the World could it be that makes me feel this uncomfortabel?
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That's unfortunate you have been feeling so poorly.  Is this still going on. The rule of thumb is always to get chest pain ruled out.  I know acid reflux can feel like chest pain but heart issues can also present like gerd.  So, please get checked out asap.  Let me know how it goes
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Have had 2 ekg's, both normal, and bloodwork done. The blood tests showed increased concentration of leukocytes and neutrophilocytes. But antibiotics haven't worked.
I still have these symptoms, but I don't worry about my heart. More like every other organ and cancer and so on.. I have benign fasciculation syndrome, which have caused me to develop health anxiety.
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I understand health anxiety, have had it myself.  What about going after the anxiety angle so that you worry less?  Therapy?  Self talk techniques?  

Also, coughs are known to linger.  Our airways can become irritated with a cough and this in turn leads to our coughing quite easily.  Two times that it can really act up is when you are being active, with exertion OR at bed time.  Is this when it is worse?

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