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I have shortness of breath

I’m 15, male and have been experiencing shortness of breath for some time now. Recently, I’ve also been experiencing chest tightness and muscle ache in my upper body(might be due to vigorous exercise during my Physical Education class). The shortness of breath is most apparent when I’m lying down flat or leaning while sitting. Should I be concerned? It’s 12.13 AM right now so I’m looking for a sign before I alert them.
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Of course the previous answers are very helpful anything that has to do with pain in the chest should be checked. But I was a gymnast and very physically active and I would also get a very tight chest pain when I laid down. What’s weird is I stretched my arms behind me towards a wall and when my sternum cracked I felt so much better. I’m not suggesting this but if you are doing a lot of heavy weight lifting or physical activity it could be your sternum causing that pain. Idk why the doctor gave you a medicine for asthma if you haven’t had any prior issues with breathing. Sometimes I used to get pain in my chest when I would do chest exercises and it turned out to be a muscular issue meaning my pectorals were sore and causing my chest to hurt a certain way.

You never are too sure and should see a doctor it is just peculiar that the doctor automatically gave you an asthma medication.

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Please get checked as soon as possible and let your parents know what is going on. Shortness of breath is nothing to take lightly. Please get checked and let us know how you are doing.
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So the doctor said everything is fine and asked me to get more exercise as I’ve been sitting down too much, prescribed me with Asthma pills
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Alert my parents*
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Any time you have shortness of breath, it's worth getting checked out immediately. Definitely let your parents know now. Shortness of breath is a sign of Covid-19, so let someone know. Difficulty breathing is always considered urgent.

Please let us know how you are.
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