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I'm only 17 and I have chest pain

17 year old male, few months ago I randomly started getting chest pain. The area is near the middle of the chest but more to the left so basically right around the heart area I guess. I have no other symptoms besides the pain.

Went to the doctors and they said it has something to do with anxiety because I've had previous history with anxiety but nothing on this level. My anxiety isn't bad enough to cause this pain, I don't have panic attacks etc,  I haven't been in any situations where I've had anxiety in a few months due to me attending online school (all from home.) I had an ECG scan and everything came out normal so i'm just wondering what is going on? The pain is really annoying, sometimes when i'm going to bed I can't sleep because of it. The thing that makes me think it's something more serious than anxiety is because it just randomly started happening out of nowhere, on my holidays actually, where obviously I was relaxed because it was holidays. What if its something serious? Tumor? Cancer? idk, i'm kind of scared. Should I get an X-Ray? (I kinda sound anxious right now lol.)

Actually, when it started happening my posture was absolutely horrible, however i've fixed my posture since then and it's still persisting but not as bad, maybe its a nerve or something? One thing that makes me think it might be a nerve is because I have acne or something on my chest and sometimes when I accidentally touch it with my hand or something it kind of creates the pain I feel but thats kinda rare. IDK im scared.
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Hello~I am sorry you are having these concerning issues.

I have a hiatal hernia and I don't ever get heartburn or other symptoms, but I do get pain at times, also, lots of build up of gas can cause chest pains and even pain in your back. Another thing, for me, my back being out of alignment causes pain as well, my chiropractor is able to help with that.

I would:
1) See your GP again and discuss the possibility of a hiatal hernia or issues that might be causing this discomfort.
2) Purchase a good, high potency pro-biotic, this often helps with the issues you are having as it puts back "friendly bacteria" in your stomach.
3)Purchase a bottle of "Aloe Vera Juice" at your health food store, this always helps with my hiatal hernia issues.
4) If all else fails, make an appointment with a chiropractor, your back may have some vertebrae that are dislocated or pushing on nerves causing the chest pain. He/she will take some x-rays of the spine, study the results, then go over them with you. After a few treatments, you should start feeling lots better.
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I'm glad you mentioned that you feel like you have gas trapped in your body, and your gassy feeling.

The chest pain that you mention - does it ever feel like a burn? Pressure like something is pressing down or sitting on you? Is it sharp, like something is stabbing you? Do you feel like it's hard to get a deep breath?

Has anyone mentioned acid reflux or GERD to you? Maybe a hiatal hernia?


None of these are serious, but they can be treated. If it sounds like what you have, you should talk to your doctor about it.

And don't discount anxiety. Even if you do have acid reflux or something, anxiety can actually heighten your symptoms, making things feel worse. Anxiety can give you real physical symptoms. It doesn't mean you are making them up.

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I saw stuff about Acid Reflux/GERD, I don't get heartburn though it's more like a sharp stabbing pain that comes and goes, when I first started getting these pains I did kind of find it hard to breathe because I got anxious over it but since then, no difficulty breathing. Sometimes I can feel uncomfortable in the chest on the side of which the pain is occuring, it's kinda like there is pressure inside my chest so I tend to avoid laying on my left side in bed. Sometimes I can lay on my left side and it feels fine, it's really weird.
I don't know if you have reflux or not - only your doctor who examines you can tell you that, but you can have reflux with no symptoms, or a wide variety of symptoms.

You've had the ECG done, which is great, and can tell you a lot about your heart, but it doesn't tell you anything about your lungs, digestive tract, reflux, etc.

Did you have an EKG?

I'd suggest following up with your regular doctor to expand the search beyond cardiac causes. It's good that it's seemingly not anything cardiac-related, but some other things could be serious, or at least really, really annoying at times.
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One thing I forgot to mention is, I always feel like after I eat I have to force myself to burp, or after I drink water I burp, I feel like I always have a lot of gas trapped inside my body despite me eating relatively normal, I don't drink soft drinks, just water, don't eat a lot of sugar or foods that would cause gas.
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