I am taking meds for high blood pressure..I changed my diet to organic foods, sea salt when cooking but very little..lots of fruits and salads..I juice carrots and apples 4 times a day.. using the Dr. Max ****** diet...no sweets, pop..etc...i'm eating healthy..I did the Lemon Master cleasnse...I excercise what if all of this will help my blood pressure...without prescription drugs...will I be able to get off of them...
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Not necessarily.

You should still keep taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor.  You doctor will monitor your blood pressure and will readjust the dosage and/or change the medication if necessary.

It is good that you have a healthy diet, but unfortunately it does not mean that you will be able to stop taking your medications.  Your doctor will monitor and advise you.
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My mother has high blood pressure and the drugs just make her feel worse, she has more or less been fine without them alhough she does keep them for days her blood pressure takes a turn for the worst, so as jemma said keep them around in case your blood pressure goes high but you won't entirely feel better, my mum doesn't anyway no matter how healthy she eats, maybe some what better but not a lot but if you keep healthy and carry on eating healthy is should ward off the worst most of the time.
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Medications prescribed by the doctor to control high blood pressure, must be taken as directed by the doctor and not just when you think you need them.  It doesn't work like that.

emmabai90 if you mum is feeling worse on the tablets she has been prescribed, she should make an appointment and talk to her doctor about it.  There are different types of medications to treat high blood pressure and it may be that the one she has been prescribed is not suiting her.  For example, she may have been prescribed a Calcium Channel Blocker and if this is not suiting her, an Ace Inhibitor may be better.  Her doctor will monitor her blood pressure and prescribe the medication and sometimes the dose does need adjusting.  Sometimes a small dose diuretic is also prescribed to control high blood pressure.

Diet and excise will help to keep the body healthy, but it does not necessarily mean that you will be able to stop taking the medications.  Your doctor is the best person to advise.
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She's already told them.. .they have given her several types, it just makes her feel worse, it doesn't always work as you describe, with some people most of the time they have to just relax, my mum is told to just relax as much as she can and she takes naps, some people can just keep their blood pressure down on their own as long as they relax a couple times during the day and keep their weight down, but they have to keep their mediation around in case they relapse into really high blood pressure (which is only sometimes), my mum does get high blood pressure since having me and my brother but trust me when i say some people DO NOT need their medication every day at all.
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We all have blood pressure.  If we didn't we would be dead.

Hypertension and hypotension are both dangerous and need to be controlled and managed.

Anxiety and stress will raise the blood pressure and relaxing and calming down will help to bring down the blood pressure to normal again.  This is normal.

A doctor will normally take a few readings over a period of a few weeks before deciding whether to put a patient on medication.  If there is any doubt about the raised blood pressure, the doctor usually gets the patient to wear a blood pressure monitor and the machine takes a reading every so often over a period of a few days whilst the person carries on doing their normal daily things.   This gives the doctor a picture of the blood pressure that the person has whilst in their normal environment.    Do not forget that when we exert ourselves the blood pressure will also rise, and then comes down with rest.  This is not the same as having hypertension.  

Some people have a condition called "White Coat Syndrome".  This means that every time they go to see the doctor, they are so worked up, stressed and worried that their blood pressure does go up, but comes down again when they are relaxed and calm.

Sometimes, the doctor will suggest the person purchases a blood pressure monitor and asks them to monitor their blood pressure themselves in their own home when they are relaxed and not under any stress.  This is usually done over a period of time of about 2 weeks or more and gives the doctor a clearer picture of the person's blood pressure readings and not just a one-off.

When people have an illness, that too can raise the blood pressure or it will fluctuate, but that does not mean that they need treating for hypertension.
When people with diabetes are not able to control their sugar levels and become ill, that can raise the blood pressure.  This can be temporary, but if the  blood pressure stays persistently high then the doctor would consider putting the patient onto medication.

When taking a blood pressure reading, the person should be relaxed, not have rushed about, not have had a hot drink and should also not talk whilst the reading is being taken.  All these things will temporarily raise the blood pressure.

And no, I DO NOT trust you with regard to blood pressure information.  

But do appreciate that your mother probably does not need to be on medication, but it does appear that there are times that her blood pressure will increase due to stress or anxiety.

If there is any concern, it may be a good idea for your mum to see a different doctor and have her blood pressured monitored over a period of time like I mentioned earlier.
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I would say that your good diet, along with exercise, should enable you to get off those drugs. Purchase a good, blood pressure monitor and take it daily, if you notice it rising, then ask your doctor what else to do.
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I concur with SassyLassie in regards to purchasing a home blood pressure monitor, the requirement for salt restriction and regular exercise.. This is an absolute must. Use an arm version and always the same arm and note the pulse. These come with cuffs in at least three sizes and if you have an over or undersized arm you require a special cuff to get an accurate reading. In 90 percent of the cases the precise etiology of elevated blood pressure is not determined. Years ago I worked for a drug company when they were applying for an NDA for calcium channel blockers. The data suggested that between 15-20 percent of patients with high blood pressure could be successfully treated with calcium supplements, D3 supplements and magnesium. Before starting on drugs, it would seem this would be a better place to start. The technology is mature and almost any brand will do. Some have a memory to help you keep track of readings. ACE inhibiters, such as Losartin and Lisonopril, are currently the medications of choice for blood pressure control. They both act a bit differently. Usually patients start on Lisinopril. The major side effect is a dry cough. If this occurs, they are switched to Losartan. Medications come in tablets and capsules. The capsules are a bit easier on the intestines.
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