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I suffer from severe health anxiety. Years ago I was convinced I had a brain tumor then it went to lupus then off to leukemia. I have no idea how I got over it but eventually it went away and I was okay for a couple years. Recently my dad has undergone some serious heart procedures and my grandma celebrated her 5 year remission of breast cancer. I have also moved into a new place with my fiancé who recently asked me. About a month ago I got this weird feeling in my stomach. I was bloated and had the feeling of being hungry but full but it's like when you're stomach is about to growl but won't and that churning feeling persisted for awhile. I was also on my period and I went to urgent care where a doctor told me that I most likely had IBS since I'm a prime candidate being 24 and highly stressed/anxious. I then started poking and feeling around and felt this bump that everyone is convinced is one of my ab muscles but I felt more than one and when I'd poke and prod my stomach would gurgle sometimes. I went to see my gynocologist twice the next week to see if everything was okay and she assured me she felt nothing abnormal in both of her abdominal physical exams. The feeling now comes and goes. Every time it's present I get anxious that it is cancer or a tumor or something and I know I can just demand my doctor to order tests for my peace of mind. How do I rest and trust them? I'm so scared all of the time of this feeling and its ruining my life. I'm also afraid it could be colon cancer but I have no family history of that and I'm so young so no one in my family is worried. They aren't worried about any of it they just think it will pass eventually. What do I do?
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Of course they aren't worried, and you shouldn't be, either. Nobody is 100 % healthy all the time. As you grow old, you'll experience more and more symptoms more often. Eventually, after the age of 50, you'll start having more serious health issues such as heart disease, arthritis or even cancer, but until then I say you should enjoy your youth and don't condemn yourself to a life spent in constant fear.
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You seem so calm while I'm over here panicking! Haha! I was always under the impression that everything had to feel good all the time and that would mean I'm healthy. This new feeling has just scared me. How do you suggest I trust that they felt no mass and everything is fine?
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I am so sorry you are going through this. In my experience, health anxiety seems to get worse with stress, and it certainly sounds like you are under quite a bit at this time. I know, I have it too, and the more I worry or get stressed, the worse it gets. From your history, it seems like you come from a healthy background, I would try not to worry, do things to get your mind off of illness and onto things that are fun.
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Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this!! I've been dealing with it since I was your age, I'm 33 now with two small boys. Mine has been the same diseases you are worried about mostly, and even visiting my gyno, I'm terrified this new pimple on my breasts is something worse, even thought the dr said when she saw where I had had two others it was just a skin problem!! I truly believe that the devil can just take a hold of our minds sometimes and put these horrible lies in our heads!! He doesn't want us to be happy, and  im not a dr, but I'm confident these are just fears you have and that you are just fine, and I feel one day people like us will overcome these horrible thoughts. Because that's what they are are just thoughts!! Best of luck to you, and hang in there, you will have better times ahead!!!
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I have had severe anxiety since 2012.  I've had Major Depressive Disorder since about the age of 15 and sure I've had anxiety longer than when I was diagnosed, I just kept brushing it off and didn't want it to be yet another daily issue I had to deal with.  With that being said, I'm sure this is a stupid question, but have you actually been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder? If so, are you taking any medication for this? If the answer is "no".  You need to be seen for this immediately.  I know how hard it is when you feel like you're suffering alone and nobody believes you.  Anxiety is so hard to deal with mentally especially because you worry about how others perceive your actions.  I know that after I finally started taking immediate relief anxiety medicine, I noticed a tremendous difference.  I wasn't getting "high" or anything like that but my chest felt lighter, I could actually breathe again, and I didn't care as much about how others perceived me (though it's still an issue I deal with daily).  Anxiety, no matter the type of Anxiety you have is a horrible thing to deal with.  It's not like a broken leg where people can physically see it.  I feel and know that some people just don't believe me when I have bad anxiety and/or panic attacks or just cry and cry for no reason.  Sorry I'm blabbing.  Maybe this should've been a journal entry. ;)  Anyways, I hope you get the help and attention you need.
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