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Severe medical question. Not sure where to post.


I would greatly appreciate any professional help regarding my dilemma. I am posting this about my aunt. She is mentally ill and refuses to see a doctor and it is getting really out of hand. As a background, she is a very long-term smoker and obese. For probably 6-10 years or so her mobility has been decreasing due to foot and leg pain. At this point, her legs are turning a dark color and seeping liquid. They are very swollen and it appears she is retaining a lot of fluid. Her feet are very swollen, dry, and cracked.

In addition to this, she obviously is having pulmonary issues due to the probably 40 plus years of smoking. She's not sleeping well and cannot even lay in her bed anymore. She will only eat sweet and fried foods. My cousin who stayed with her for a while also complained of a rotten smell after using the bathroom, even though she showered daily.

My family is trying to decide how to take legal action to get her the medical care she has been refusing, however some family members who have been enabling her over the years refuse to. I am hoping this can give some sort of response for them as to how dire the situation is. I have been researching symptoms and possible causes, but since I don't have medical training I am hoping to get another opinion. Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
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Am not a medical expert but just want to share some thoughts here..Please how old is your aunt?
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I'm sorry that I forgot to include that. She is in her early 60s. She has a very long history of a sedentary lifestyle, very poor diet, and overall not taking care of herself. We also have a family history of heart disease.
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Is she diabetic. The seeping sores are not good. They can get seriously infected. She could lose the legs.  Whether diabetic or not it sounds very serious and should be forced to see a doctor. Tell her that she would be missed so much if something were to happen to her. Sorry but if she is that stubborn you need to make her feel guilty.
Wishing you luck
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  Lack of awareness of self care can be part of some psychiatric disabilities when a person is untreated. She might need involuntary assistance at this point, not only for her mental health care but for her physical conditions which could be unsafe if they continue to progress. An outreach agency might be able to help at this point.
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Hi There, as Ekkiemon said, if she is the stubborn type let her feel guilty and please note that pushing her too much can also make her take her life..Consider that as in quote..Please try to let her see a doctor..Update us on the next step your family takes..Safe
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Thanks everyone! We had figured she is diabetic, among other things. It seems like she's having multi-organ issues. Sometimes you just need outside opinions to validate and figure out what to do. As I said earlier, she is mentally ill. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with her and believes other people are doing it to her. My grandmother, who she lives with, is telling herself that she's getting better but there's no way you could come back from it without medical attention.
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ok..that is nice of you..She will be happy and can not forgive her self if she was not allow to see a doctor..you can pm me on ***@****
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