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Tetanus shot. How long does it swell up for?

0.5 cc Tetanus shot. Day 1 no swelling, no pain. Day 2 swelling and pain. Day 3 less pain, more swelling.

How long before it improves. Should I be putting it under hot water or something?

Thanks. :)
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I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. I wasn't given after care institutions so I had no idea what to expect. My symptoms were the same as yours: nothing on day one and then lots of swelling and redness, mild pain for the past few days.  Thanks for your updates. Not looking forward to the next few days! :/
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I'm on day 3 from the shot and I have swelling too. Also itching and redness. Arm feels hot to the touch. It hurt really bad at first but not so much now. Going to try Cortizone 10 on it to see if that helps since I don't have any antihistamines on hand.
Not sure why it stuck random characters in there in place of apostrophes lol.
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That was 7-10 days to completely go away. That would be a total of 14-17 days if that happens. :( That's about how long my itching from my allergy testing took to go away too. This has to be a histamine response... Opinions? Does Tetanus shots trigger histamine?
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7 days later, half as swollen, still red about 3.5 inches around injection and itchy! Been itchy ever since swelling started to reduce. Antihistamine helps with the itch. May not want another Tetanus shot after this one. Once the swelling came down I was able to gain more movement of my arm. I have had allergic reactions to wasp stings and it never swelled up like this. Even allergy testing got all red and swollen, but not nearly comparable to the swelling of the Tetanus shot. 15 years ago I also got a Tetanus shot and had nothing but minor discomfort for 2 hours, then again 15 years ago my allergies were not nearly as bad.

I'm thinking this was an allergic reaction that did not go systemic like my other allergies. I didn't read about it itching anywhere else and antihistamine helping the itch?

Anyway that's my update. The suffering is over, now it is just itchy and hot, swelling still going down. I'm guessing it will be gone in another 7-10 completely. This can not be normal.
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lots = type. lost
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Found info online. Not so uncommon for swelling to increase over the next few days. Usually subsides with in 5 days. First 3-4 days can continue to swell. Mine was not as bad as what I read about on other forums. Guess I'm ok. Just very unpleasant because I lots some movement in my are muscle from the swelling. Guess I need to wait it out 2-3 more days.
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