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Toenail psoriasis? (cross-posted)

Does this look like nail psoriasis? I have no other symptoms of psoriasis. This is just on one toe. There is no pain and my toe has looked like this for 1-2 years since I got chilblains a while back.
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sometimes it takes a specific trauma of the skin-cells to trigger psoriasis. Chilblains might have been the trigger.

to get rid of it you should reverse those cells back to normal... it's not easy though to get a complete regression. also considering it's inside the toenail and not on the tip of it where you usually find psoriasis or fungi. or fungi+psoriasis.

where there was no infectious agent to be triggering Psoriasis you could try a strong corticosteroid ointment (not just any) to apply on the big toe long enough to get a permanent regression. if you can't get a permanent regression then just leave it. (cortisone has side effects).

if it was a fungal infection you could try dip the toe for some minutes in bleach (a little diluted with water) or alternatively baking soda every day for a week or two.

I guess you already know that if you wanted to make an appointment with a specialist it would be a Dermatologist

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Thanks for the reply. I just remembered that a while ago I did develop some kind of skin rash. I went to the doctor and she believes it was scabies, like from dust mites and I used a full-body steroid cream which eventually got rid of it. This did spread to both feet quite badly...could this have caused some kind of nail infection?
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No, I don't
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steroid cream for scabies...? it doesn't make sense...

even just dust mites would be noticeable, you should have been able to feel them.

any ways bugs have nothing to do with that problem in the toe. it could be psoriasis or another form of dermatitis that followed chilblains or if it was an infection it would be fungal, not bugs like dust mites or scabies.

what doesn't look like an infection is that the tip of the nail is intact. look up on google toe nail infections.
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It was a while ago, maybe it wasn't steroid cream haha. I'm not sure. Thank you for the reply :)
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