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UTI again...... question on possible cause

I am 10 years post menopause and have recently had 2 UTI's (Klebsiella uncomplicated and caught early).  I've been trying to figure out what has caused these other than thin skin of aging. I have no physical problems that would cause these and voiding test a couple years ago was fine. I do have problems with incontinence and wear pads constantly. Doc suggested changing pads many times a day and washing after each BM.  He said to only use warm water in the vaginal area but soap and water in the anal area.

I've been using an OTC cream the doctor suggested that helps on days my vaginal area feels too dry or just uncomfortable and some days I use Vagisil. I put it on clean toilet paper and smear it on and into the vaginal opening.  I do not wash before putting on the cream.  I have a UTI right now and when I applied the cream I wondered if I might be pushing / smearing Klebsiella into the urethra area and causing the UTI's!  I actually noticed that I was applying the cream from back to front!  

Thoughts on this?  I'm overly concerned because a friend at church had e coli and didn't realize she had a UTI until it was a bad kidney infection and entered her blood stream. She was septic and did get better for a while but the e coli was never eradicated fully and she died a few weeks ago from what started off as a bladder infection. I will say, tho, that she had serious rectal prolapse from numerous surgeries so was not your typical UTI sufferer.
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   Hello Diane.   yes.  Acidophilus comes in a pill or capsule form.  Yogurt is also good if it is live, active and plain.  You can also use it in the private area - quite soothing I'm told.

     the beeswax and jojoba oil lotion is available online at Amazon.   I get mine from Paradise Potpourri.    She makes it in her home.
     Instead of Desitin, there is a barrier cream that works better - at Walgreens.
      After taking all those antibiotics, you really should load up on probiotics.   I take double doses of acidophilus as I recently was on Amoxicillin for a gum infection.
      Was reading recently that a wool pad instead of a rubber pad in the bed is better as it whisks away the urine instead of one laying in a puddle.
     I hope to find some wool pads for my mom -  
So did you remember to ask your doctor for the Estrace?  It's much better than Premarin (after all, you are not a mare).  It's made from Pre gnant Mar e's Urin e.    You get the picture.  Estrace and estradiol, however are bioidentical to our hormones.     It is not necessary to insert the whole tube of stuff in there as the directions say.  A little goes a long way.
   Remember a lot of these medicines are made by male scientists who don't know much about the female body.
      Thank you for posting and letting me know how you are.
Wishing you a good outcome.
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Silverfox, does the acidophilus come in pill form?  Where do you find the beeswaw/oil lotion?  I think there's a 'chain' health food type store about 30 miles from here but don't remember the name.  Would that be where I'd find these? We do have a CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid within the county.

Doc suggested Desitin once the itching is cleared up. He said minor incontinence and pads can cause a 'diaper rash' type reaction.  I'm now changing my pads MANY times a day where before, I'd put on a fresh one after I showered and another one before bed unless it looked or felt wet.

I could go without pads during the day at home but not at night.  There are times I wake and realize I've leaked onto the pad during the night.

I developed an awful itch and redness so doc put me on one dose of Diflucan.  I'm concerned I might get oral thrush. I got some yogurt and am keeping my mouth clean (as always).  

I haven't had to take antibiotics for 10 years and have had Keflex, Amoxicillin, Cipro (24 hours) and now Suprax in just 4 months.  2 UTI's and a bad sinus infection (Amoxicillin).
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    You might also ask your doctor for some Estrace vaginal cream.  But don't insert the whole tube as directed.  Just use a little down there every day.  It helps with the dryness.
     After your course of antibiotics, don't forget the acidophilus.  The antibiotics kill all the friendly bacteria and we have to replace it to stay well.
     If you can, go a little while without pads during the day.... your privates need to breathe some.   If you don't pee at night, perhaps you can try sleeping without a pad and panties to let the area dry out a little.
     I use a beeswax/jojoba oil lotion down there to stop the itching and burning from the urine irritated skin.
      Hope this info is helpful.

Wishing you the best
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Left a message for my doc and he gave me a script for a yeast infection.  I had taken 10 days of Amoxicillin a few weeks ago for a bad sinus infection that my dentist found when my teeth were killing me and then the Cipro, then Suprax.  I'm going to look for the cleanser while I pick up the med tonight.
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Awesome! Thanks!  I'll look for it when I go out.  

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Summer's Eve makes a cleansing wash that is for the vagina.  They have a "sensitive" one as well that does not contain fragrances and other irritants.  It works great.  It is safe, and it doesn't sting.  It is just like bath body soap for your vagina.  You can find it at any pharmacy or Walmart/Target - it is usually near the pads/tampons but I've also seen it by pregnancy tests and condoms.
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Wow, how could I have just realized that today?  That is exactly what I'm doing. Thanks amealer!  

I'm wondering if there is an antibacterial type wash for the vaginal area.  I began using just regular antibacterial soap in the anal area but don't want to use anything harsh on my vaginal area. It's dried out enough as it is just from age!

Any suggestions?  
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Wiping the cream from back to front can definitely cause UTIs.  That is why little girls are taught to use their toilet paper wiping front to back.  You do carry the bacteria from the anal region to the vaginal (and uretheral) area when you do it the wrong way.  And if you are smearing a cream from back to front, you are leaving that bacteria to breed at the vagina/urethra.
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