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What could I have?? Non of my doctors have helped me

Hi I'm a 19 year old female
I've been getting headaches everyday for the past two months
I have pain and tenderness all over my body more commonly in my abdomen
Every now and again my hands and feet go numb and I loose all feeling in them, most of the time it's just my right hand but sometimes it's both or my feet ect. I've had blood tests and urine tests done and all are fine I have not been getting much of a fever but I get cold sweats regularly.
This is keeping me up all night making it super hard to sleep and when I do manage to sleep I wake up after about an hour.
I am also getting a bit of a tummy problem were I won't be able to eat without feeling really nauseous and I've lost a lot of my appetite due to that making me in able to eat properly at all.

Every person I've gone to haven't helped what so ever they usually say o home and rest you will be fine or take some pain killers, I've been taking pain killers for about a month or 2 now
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Before I make any further attempt in trying to understand your issue, so as to be of any help to you. I would suggest you to watch on the Pain Killers Part as they may be dangerous by causing irreversible damage to your body. Certain painkillers cause serious liver damage. Don't take any medicine such as the painkillers without the doctor's advise. It is best to treat the disease rather than the symptoms.
I take ibuprofen and paracetamol
And the doctors have literally said to take painkillers
The ones that I was thinking about.  You must do some research on the internet about their side effects.
If I don't take them I can't function as a person I get so much pain.
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vitamin/mineral deficiencies can be cause for all your symptoms.

I had blood work that showed I was anemic and vitamin D deficient. They did not test my RBC magnesium or Vitamin B12, but I know they were low too.

My symptoms were, dizziness, body pain, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, migraines/headaches, muscle twitches, floaters, nausea, head/eye pressure, unfocused vision...even felt like everything was very bright, sounds too loud, high pitched noise in my ears, rapid heart beat, heart flutters, internal tremors, etc.

I bought supplements over the counter and online:
Vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin sublinguals. I added a low amount of B6 because I read it helps B12 absorb. I bought 100mg tablet and cut it into 4 pieces to take 1 piece each morning (25mg). I ended up getting a multivitamin to get more vitamins and minerals I worried I was not getting enough of. It had Zinc, Copper and many other things. I bought coconut water for potassium.

I was prescribed iron supplements & bought Spatone that I add to orange juice.

My body and head hurt for the first few weeks I was taking supplements. Then the body pain and heart flutters went away.

You must drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Low/deficient Vitamin D messes up your immune system and causes serious health issues within your entire body. Deficiency in vitamins/minerals can cause anxiety that can be corrected with supplements.
Vitamin D3 is good (cholecalciferol)
Vitamin D2 is bad (ergocalciferol)
Vitamin D3 - everyone is different. If deficient, 5,000iu-10,000iu daily for 3 mo the can help raise levels. Retest blood, then figure out a maintenance dose to keep yourself at a steady level. Could be anywhere from 2,000-6,000iu daily.
Only take D3 in morning or afternoon. It can cause insomnia if taken at night because it temporarily disrupts seratonin level. Must be taken with some type of fat (peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc... Because it's fat soluble and needs fat to absorb.

Magnesium is needed for muscles and over 300 reactions in your body. Magnesium Balances calcium. D3 and magnesium work to put calcium back into your bones.
Magnesium - need  at least 200mg daily
Men 400mg daily ; women 300mg daily.
Magnesium Oxide has poor absorption
Magnesium Glycinate, Citrate, Malate, Chloride are better

Vitamin B12 is critical for nervous system. Deficient Can cause tingling in extremities, fatigue, etc.
can be deficient in other B vitamins also.
Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin is bad
Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin & Adenocobalamin are good
1,000mcg Methylcobalamin sublinguals for under the tongue

Vitamin K2 regulates calcium and directs it to areas in your body it's needed and keeps it out of your arteries. (Must consult doctor if on blood thinners or meds that conflict with K2). Some people get heart palpitations taking Vitamin K2(mk7). If that happens you take Vitamin K2(mk4).
Vitamin K2 - need about 80mcg daily

You must avoid calcium supplements, dairy, coffee, tea, soda 1-2 hours before and after taking the supplements because they can hinder absorption.
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I've had blood tests and urine tests done both were fine I was in emergency for 10 hours getting tests done everything was fine they did ultrasounds blood urine and communication tests nothing was wrong I was hooked up to a heart monitor the whole time I was there and my diet if fine I eat all types of meals high vitamin and mineral foods that are very healthy for me as well as I go through about 3 litres of water a day and every morning I have juice, milk or coffee with my breakfast
I think you should try natural Herbal treatment from a certified practitioner.
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Indian Valerian is quite helpful to provide relief to your sleep disturbances while the Indian Gooseberry is beneficial for your digestion and eating issues. Try to stay away from pain killers or taper them to zero with time.  I think that It will be a good idea to start exercising by taking early morning walks to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. Congrats for the normal test reports. take care
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You must try terminalia Chebula. Take small quantity two times a day.
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