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Why do I feel lightheaded despite having normal clinical reports

Please allow me to mention my case in detail. I am 31 years old male,height 5,10″,80kgs. No alcoholism. I do regular exercise(boxing). I had no history of serious illness so far, I haven’t even had my x-ray done so far. The tests I did were: cortisol,ecg,chest xray,abdomen ultrasound,rft,lft,thyroid,cbc with esr, stool test,random sugar test.Everything was normal. I had this symptoms 3 months before suddenly. The symptoms went away in few days. Again after 20 days of the first bout, it started. Now, I don’t get severe lightheadness( not like room spinning) like the first time, but I do get them and specially during evening times. I have noticed that it gets better when applying ice pack on my neck.
I had consulted with 3 physicians already and a neurologist, but the answers were same, its normal happens sometimes.

Hope my case is clear. Thank you so much in advance.
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Hello~I would suggest seeing a chiropractor, you could very well have some misplace vertebrae in your neck causing this feeling, I know when I need a treatment, I get light-headed and unsteady, but the treatment always helps. The chiropractor will take an x-ray of your neck and upper back, study the results and then discuss them with you, possibly after a few treatments, you will start to feel better.
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I'm happy to try and be of help, jangosaroj.

"To my greater surprise, performing the same exercise once again, made me feel better."
Maybe something in the neck moves out of place, then back into place again. Moving back and forth like that can explain how the symptoms come and go.

You might end up visiting a chiropractor. Be aware that there are "red flag" problems where it is very dangerous for them to work on the neck.

The following is something written in plain language, and it includes Case Studies of people with dizziness caused by the neck:

"vestibular" relates to how the inner ear controls our sense of balance (and dizziness). It seems unlikely that your dizziness is caused by lack of oxygen or low blood sugar or low blood flow, because your episodes have lasted for days.

Do you ever have pain in the inner ear, as if there might be some infection?
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Greetings to you in Nepal, angosaroj. These things seem to be the most important:

"I feel lightheaded... I do regular exercise(boxing)... room spinning, like the first time..."

and most especially this part: "it gets better when applying ice pack on my neck".

This sounds as if neck injury might be affecting nerves and therefore can be causing your symptoms. Are you doing sparring? Or abdominal exercise where you might be pulling on your head with your hands, as in situps or crunches? Or Muay Thai where the opponent is pulling your head down really hard? Any jujitsu?

Medical terms are "Cervical Vertigo" or "Cervicogenic dizziness". Can you visit a sports doctor or physical therapist? Please take a look at this paper:
"Cervical Injury Assessments for Concussion Evaluation: A Review"  

It is known that ice (cryotherapy) can help with neck injury, but it won't help with concussion. So take notice of the section in that paper called: "CLINICAL TESTS TO ISOLATE AND DIFFERENTIATE CERVICAL INJURY FROM CONCUSSION" There are five simple tests there.

cervical = neck
genic = "causes"
vertigo = dizziness and spinning sensation
concussion = head was hit

"I had consulted with 3 physicians already and a neurologist, but the answers were same, its normal happens sometimes."
Oh, I don't think you should ignore this. It could get much worse.
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Hello sir, thank you so much for your detailed response. Much appreciated. Yes,as far as I remember, we done neck exercise.(it was hanging our neck and bringing counting on  up and down to the edge of sthg like a big table ) But it was few days before,probably 2-3 days prior to the symptoms. The symptoms had disappeared after few days and came again after 25 days and is persistant. To my greater surprise, performing the same exercise once again, made me feel better. I will go through the research you had kindly mentioned. Thank you so much once again and god bless you.
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