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Wwhy can't I stop thinkig about rabies?! It's driving me insane!

This is the same questions but with more details.

I was playing with my one year old puppy who was clearly not in the mood.  Out of annoyance, he fended me off with its mouth.  He wasn't by any means snarling or growling, he just wants me to go away.  My face just happened to be at the wrong place and his tooth accidentally poked my lip and it bled.  I washed it off with some tap water and put a cotton ball to stop the bleeding.  After a few minutes, it healed and after the day, the scar was almost gone. It wasn't really a big wound just the size of a tiny dot is all.

I'm afraid I might get rabies because my wound was on he head area.  I don't want to die.

I went ahead and got a rabies shot two days after the incident.  Also got an ERIG and tetanus shot on that day, too.  I kind of trust my pup because he got vaccinated.
As of this posting, I've already received my third shot.

Here's some details about my pup:

[*]He got vaccinated at four months old for anti-rabies.  The vaccine administered to him was Defensor 3.  That was his first shot for that and it happened last January 5, 2020.

[*]Before the incident, he is happy, playful, and mostly sleepy.  You know, typical puppy behavior.  After the incident, on day three. he appears to still be himself.  No change in behavior at all.

[*]He rarely interacts with dogs that we do not know.  We only ever let him play with the neighbor dog who is also healthy.  We also do not have any bats or raccoons or any other vicious animals here.  Our neighborhood is full of dogs.

I myself have not presented any typical signs post incident (tingling or pain in the area of the bite, fever) and it has been nine days since the incident and my dog behaves normally.  I just have really bad anxiety which makes this situation worse. My worst fear is that the vaccine does not work because I got my shot two days after the bite and I was nipped on the lip.  Now I'm super aware of my own saliva to the point where I fear of increased salivation.
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You sound like you have excess anxiety.  Is that true?  Your pup was vaccinated for rabies. Those last a specific time. The defender 3 lasts a FULL YEAR.  So, his shot was up to date and your dog does NOT have rabies.   You also took a shot (unnecessary).  So, your fears are unfounded. How long have you been torturing yourself with this worry?  I would consider getting help with your anxiety if you can't let this go.  
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I'm just so afraid of all the what ifs and all the Google searches I do about rabies.  It's driving me crazy.  I'm also hyper aware of my own saliva.  When I feel like it's building up inside my mouth, it's either I swallow it or spit it out.  Leaving me with an uncomfortably dry mouth.  All of this because I'm scared of rabies.
Hello!I really think you need help with anxiety, plus, stop doing the Google searches, they only lead to more anxiety. As SpecialMom said, your puppy is fine, you are fine, now, all you need to do is control your anxiety..
Alright. I'm trying out every possible way to relax and distract myself.  My body is tired from all this anxiety.
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