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a fly stopped in my lips, it was too dangerous?

I was jogging for a while and when I was resting, suddenly a fly stop in my lips, immediately I shaked off the fly (it was 1 or 2 seconds in my lip) and later spitted and more or less washed with water. Im aware it depends in where the fly went, but my real concern its the myiasis, I hate to think if the fly deposited eggs and then went in my skin or swallow it.
Later when I was back at home, washed my lip and mouth and use bleach directly in my lips, but I dont know if is recommendable something more?
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Do not use bleach or other chemicals on your lips or elsewhere on your body.  As for the fly, your brief encounter should not be any problem.  Your body is set up to fight all kinds of germs and foreign matter.  Of course, always visit with your doctor for any symptoms.  
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Thanks bro, indeed later I get a small fever and diarrhea but I doubt that the fly is related to.
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Hello, I would not worry, I think that flys have landed on many of us,  and nothing has ever happened. One thing, using bleach or harsh chemicals on your body is not safe, it could be worse than having the fly land on you. I am sure you are fine, but if you have any disturbing symptoms, then check with you GP.
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Thanks for the time!!
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