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bags under eyes

what causes white bags under eyes
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Ive been told by many dermatologists that it is hereditary.  tanning doesnt help it and neither does the eye creams that they advertise on television.  It can be covered up with make up though.  Thats about the only thing as far as I know.
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smoking & asthma can cause them - drs can usually spot a smoker without asking
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They could be caused by fatty deposits under the skin, or an allergy to something you have either eaten or used on your skin. I would see a dermatologist for this.
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I personally have the same issue and my Mother did too and another sister.  I have an appointment with a Dermatologist and a ENT because I believe I broke my nose back in October 2020 and didn't get it seen.  It seems like my puffy eyes have gotten worse is this a possible reason?  I also well am a smoker, have allergies, and well constant Sinus issues.  I don't know which is the better way to go...It is all connected it feels!
I have definitely heard it is genetic.  I have noticed as I've gotten older, I have more of it.  Truly, if I get a good night sleep (really good, I mean) my face looks noticeably different.  Since having kids, this is rare.  Sleep heals, is all I can say!
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hey loads of reasons for bags/puffy eyes
1. hereditary
2. stres
3. lack of stress
4. excessive caffiene
5. dehydration
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I've been thinking about it too, there are many options. From stress and fatigue to illness, so it is better to consult a doctor. It is also the condition of the skin, nutrition, water balance, and much more.
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