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unpleasant body odour

I have one strange problem bad body odour. very unpleasant  smell is come from my body . my body smell very bad that i cant describe it. anybody can smell it from far distance . it also happens just even after i take a bath .I have completely no idea whats wrong going on with me ? please give me solution. my life is bein worst due to this. i had try many things such as bath twice in a day , used a body deodorant . but nothing is working infect when i use deodorant smell become more worst . please give me solution . i am really tired due to this.  please give me any solution for this so i can remedy for it .
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Well if you are not emptying your bowels regularly, eat highly spiced foods and  lots of garlic, all these smells will be coming out through your skin.

Even though you have a bath, make sure too that you wear clean clothes and clean underpants every day.

Dink plenty of water too.
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I would like to add, you may be deficient in the mineral, Zinc, studies have shown that low amounts of zinc in the body can lead to body odor.
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Rub baking soda all over your body from head to toe and shower with cool or warm water.  Be careful with your eyes (KEEP EYES CLOSED UNTIL YOU WASH OFF).  I agree with Jemma116 it is what you eat too makes things worse.
Good luck hope this helps.
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Do you take any medications?  Do you have any medical problems?  Some times these things can also cause body odors.  Do you have any open sores or cuts?

Is there a food or drink you eat regularly?  This as mentioned earlier come through the skin. This food may be part of your culture (you are from India according to your profile), but the smell may be different from person to person.

Did this problem come on suddenly or gradually?
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Thanks so much for your response.  I have not take any medications. I had done the blood test month ago . My kidney , Diabetes, Liver, thyroid  tests looks normal. what other test will i do ? i generally do not eat to much spicy foods but garlic and onion is the part of our daily food.  do you think it may be cause body odor? No one in my family have this odor. also i did not have this problem 5-6 years before. I just cant understand that whats happen to me from last 5-6 years.  This problem come suddenly . sometime body smell in morning and sometime in evening . sometime my body did not smell whole day. oppositely sometime whole day my body smell.most of time at night my it smell really bad.
Please suggest me what can i do . i will do anything to rid out from this odor.
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Is the odour coming from all over your body, or just from your underarms, feet and private area?

Do you use a deodorant?  

It may be that your natural body odour and the detergent that is used to wash your clothes is interacting.

Try bathing with a mugful of Epsom Salts, you will need to put some baby oil into the bath water because Epsom Salts can dry the skin.

The Bicarbonate of Soda as mentioned by Perak is a good suggestion.  Bicarbonate of Soda gets rid of all odours.  You can put some into your shoes.

A good deodorant that stops excessive perspiration is Odaban that can be purchase don line.  

Make sure that you drink plenty of water - 4 pints a day is usually recommended, but you may need more if you perspire a lot.
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Thanks for you reply. Actually i am not sure from which part of my body the smell is coming . Many strange things happening with me that i cant understand.  

sometimes its look like coming from my back and sometimes its look coming from my back private area. also sometimes i feel like its coming from my breath or nose.

There is a very bad and worst smell comes from my body i can smell it and others can smell it from far distance. but when i smell my hands, under arms and chest it isn't smell as bad as actual smell that i and others can smell it from air.

Also let me know you that i am tobacco addictive from last 10 years and my digestive system is not very good . i have often suffered from stomach pain ,acidity and diarrhea.
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I forgot to mention that when i use deodorant , it help me for few hours but after then smell is become even more worst and bad.
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If you are a tobacco smoker then non-smokers will smell that on you even if you cannot.

You need to wash every day.  And as you have a bad odour, I suggest you wash in the mornings and again before going to bed.  

If you have bad digestive system and suffer from congestion, you will get a bad breath from that.  Make sure that you brush your teeth in the mornings and before going to bed and also floss in between your teeth every day.  If you have not done that for a long time, the gums will bleed, but this will stop if you continue to floss.  Bad breath can also come from bad teeth, so if you have not seen a dentist for a while, you should consider seeing a dentist to check your teeth and mouth.

If you still have the diarrhea, you should make an appointment with your doctor and get a stool sample checked out for any bacterial problems.
Some foods and also eating contaminated food and eating unwashed fruit and vegetables and also not washing your hands after using the toilet and before eating any food will also spread germs and cause stomach and bowel problems.

If may also be a good idea to get your doctor to arrange for a breath test to be done to check if you have Helicobacter Pylori.  This bacteria can cause stomach problems and also give a bad breath.

It appears the deodorants that you use are not long lasting.  So do check out the Odaban deodorant that I mentioned earlier.  

You need to wear clean clothes every day too as well as having a good standard of hygiene.

Make an appointment with your doctor to find out what is the cause of your digestive problem.  Once that is sorted out, your body odour is likely to change too.
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Hi Jemma,

Thanks for your reply. I had visited to the gastrologist 10 days before. he prescribed me, rantac 300 tablet(ranitidine 300) tablet and folimax tablet for 20 days . I am taking this tablets on time as per prescribed me and i am very happy to say you that i have noticed some improvement in my body odor from last 5 days. I am not sure but These tablets are look like for any bacterial infection or vitaminB12 deficiency.  I can see my body smell intensity become low from last 5 days.
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Hello Jimmy,

I am glad to hear that you did get some medical help.
As you know the Rantac is for digestive problems, acid reflux, ulcers, etc. You can find more information with regard to this on the web.

Folimax is a vitamin medication that contains folic acid sometimes also referred to as folate.

Low folic acid in the body can be due to a number of reasons, but the most common cause of deficiency is due to not eating enough foods containing folic acid (folate) as well as in people who are alcohol dependent.  

Foods that are high in folic acid include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice, fortified breakfast cereals, beans, some bread, oranges and bananas.

Make an appointment to see your doctor before your 20 day Folimax runs out, so that you can have a blood test taken to see how you are getting on with the Folimax and to check for any other blood problems like your Vitamin B12 and iron levels.   Your body does need a constant supply of folic acid and you may require to be on the Folimax for much longer than 20 days.  Your doctor will advise you with regard to this.

It would also be a good idea to suggest you have a breath test done, if this has not already been done, to check for Helicobacter Pylori.  The breath test is the most accurate one; sometimes a stool test is done.  Blood tests for this bacteria do not always show correct readings.  This bacteria can also cause stomach problems, hence it is a good idea to get checked out and treated appropriately if you do have this bacteria.

Let me know how you get on.
Best wishes.

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Hi Jemma,

Thanks for your reply. I am thankful to you for guiding me so far. I had visited my doctor couple of days ago and asked for the Helicobacter Pylori,Vitamin B12 and iron levels test but he told me that i don't need it. he prescribed me some tablets : rabheal dsr, etizola 0.5 mg and vita gold tablets for minerals and vitamins for 30 days.

After the previous course of rantac 300 tablet and folimax tablet there is definitely some improvement with my body odor and i am hoping more improvement.

I will let you know how these tablets work for me.
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