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Low Aminiotic Fluid at 20 weeks

I'm Casey and I'm 20 weeks pregnant.  My baby was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome and I had to fly to Cincinnati to get surgery.  The surgery on the baby lasted 4 hours and went great and they removed the bands from his foot and umbilical chord.  Yesterday was my week after surgery visit for my ultrasound and I found out that my amniotic fluid is VERY low.  They think it leaked out because of the surgery, but they aren't sure if it will rebuild itself or not.  Has anyone had their water break due to fetal surgery and if so, do you know if your fluid can rebuild?  My little baby has gone through SO much for this and I'm just hoping this is another bump in the road.  They won't hospitalize me until I'm 24 weeks, because the baby won't survive.  ANY HELP?
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i have never heard of amniotic band syndrome so upon reading your post i researched it. i found a web site that has a support group with parents of children that also had this syndrome. thought they might have more info on what you are wondering. the site is www.amnioticbandsyndrome.com

hope everything turns out ok for you and your baby. i will keep you in our prayers.
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