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Welcome to the Genetics Community!

Welcome to everyone - new and existing members!  If you are new here, please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about why you are here.  Please post any questions, concerns, or issues that you have relating to or about Genetics.

If you do not wish to post openly on this forum, (If I can help answer a question that you might have) please do not hesitate to send me a message or note directly.  Often times new members visit here because they have just received troubling information or are experiencing something they can't explain.  This discovery can sometimes be an uncomfortable or stressful/trying time.  If this is your situation, remember many of us have been in your exact situation, and know better than anyone what you are facing.  More importantly, we have discovered that while medical advice is usually the best route when we have questions, having others to ask or relate to can go a long way.

Many of the members here are full of knowledge and have personal experiences with questions that you may have.  Personal experiences are sometimes the best answers to many questions.  Please keep in mind, that while we may have extensive knowledge in many areas, members should always seek professional medical advice from their own physician, as it pertains to medical conditions or concerns.

Again, welcome and please enjoy this forum.

Sandi (Dragon1973)
MedHelp Genetics Community Leader;
Down syndrome Community Leader & Ds Group Forum Founder/Moderator
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A very nice forum.

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I am fair skinned,silky black hair,brown eyes.
My mom is wheatish skin curly black hair and brown eyes.
My father is fair skinned silky black hair and brown eyes.

MOM's Parents
Grandpa-Dark skinned,black wavy hair,brown eyes
GrandMom-fair skinned,curly black hair n brown eyes

Dad's parents
Grandpa-fair skinned,silky straight hair broen eyes
Grandma-Fair skinned,culry black hair.

My husband-Fair skinned,silky straight hair,brown eyes
Husbands Parents
Mom-Fair,silky hair,brown eyes
dad-whetish,curly ,brown eyes

Husbands Mom's parents
Mom-fair-silky brown eyes
Dad-dark skinned,silky hair,brown eyes

Husband's dad's parents
MOM-fair,brown eyes silky hair
DAd-dark skinned,brown eyes silky hair.

Is this info enough??im very curios..i love babies..!!

This is out of curiosity..i wanted a healthy Baby like evryone wishes..!!
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My name is Sassy,i am new here and i have Marfans.. i live in the USA right now but was born in Belgium. I have a million questions about how to live here with Marfans especially since my husband has no insurance. Right now i have a pinched nerve in my lower back and i take no meds. It's getting worse.Where can i go concerning questions about getting a physician? Or any about my condition itself? Thank you.
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Ok well I just wanted to say because it's weird I don't look anything like my parents my mum has blond hair and really pale green eyes with a pale complexion and my dad has blond hair, blue eyes and a really pale complexion same with my other family members on both sides apart from my great great grandma so anyway unlike them I have dark green eyes so dark they sometimes look black and long brown curly hair with a naturally tanned complexion I don't know how that happen and I'm definitely not adopted because iv seen the pictures but the perk is because of genetics I can be at 15 % body fat to keep my 6 pack whilst normally you would have to be 10% oh and I'm really worried because my great great grandma died of cancer and I'm scared that since I got her skin I might get cancer to  
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To: Dragon1973

where the heck are you these days Sandi?

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