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Evaluate please

I had high risk exposure with a girl in October-2013 and oral unprotected and condom protected sex with different girl in dec 2013, after 2 days after the oral sex gentile itching and light penile discharge that's exist for 1 week,
Day 6-150(5month)till now Continuous low grade fever (97.7-99.2), feet and hands were hot touch white tongue,
Day 6-120 excessive gas, stomach sounds;
Day 20-60 shooting pains, muscle pains, joint pains ( these days I was cry everyday)
Day90-150  beau line on nails
Day90-150 swollen lymph nodes armpit(light pain and so uncomfortable), neck, groin;
Day60-150 on off  high sorethroat
Dry mouth
Went so weak and also have collar bone pain;
Skin rash on shoulders; I have been to two ID doctors for  ongoing symptoms, they didn't help me but they just write for  lab testing; that's it; all std include hep-b,c negative at 4 weeks;
Come to my hiv testing , I have tested hiv pcr RNA quant(quest dia) 6,16 weeks not detected, hiv eia antibody(labcorp, quest dia) 2,8,16 weeks negative, Ora quick hiv home swab test 4,8,12,15, 20 weeks negative;

Compare with  high risk exposure and symptoms that more looks like hiv, so I have continuously tested for lot hiv tests listed above with so anxiety and I am crying everyday because of done blunder mistake in my life and I always regrets in my life, life never come back once we loose it.

Due to continuous symptoms(low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes, shooting pains) do I need more hiv tests to confirm 26 weeks??

Can we trust the results ?

What other std tests do I needed sir??

What std can cause all these symptoms ??

Suggest me What do I need
to do get away from al the symptoms

Please please help me.
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Hello Phil

You are HIV negative. The tests you have had prove that beyond any doubt and your Infectious Disease doctors seem to be doing exactly what they should be and exactly what is appropriate.

You said that you have had STD tests already so I can't make any particular suggestions regarding this.

You don't specify the "high risk" exposure but you have had more than enough HIV tests to be certain that you do not have HIV.

kind regards, Sean
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I understand your point but  the continious low grade fever and paining swollen lymphnodes are really bothersome.. I convinced my self something major dises ruining my life because of chronic infection.  
Please advise me
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