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The chance of having HIV

I am 45 yrs old. I had unprotected sex for about 30 seconds with a woman that I don't know her status. 6 days later a fever in the night and a sweat at first I thought it was Malaria so i took complete dose of ACT drug that i experienced loss of appetite. After some 10 days a flu-like with small dry cough and when I take a medication it went off, though the weather in the area make several ppl have this type of flue-like condition because of the whether. about 3 weeks I shake hands with a friend that has some rashes that I think is contagious and I am worried and washed my hands with only water. 7 weeks later, very small rashes appear almost similar in nature and location(on the upper arm) to his own appeared on me. I can't sleep very well because of the anxiety.

Question: What is the possibility of being HIV positive based on this? Thanks Dr for your help because I am so worried

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Symptoms cannot be used to diagnose HIV.  The symptoms associated with a new HIV infection are the same symptoms associated with a large number of other illnesses.  You had a risk from having unprotected sex, so you should test.  A DUO test (Ag/Ab) at 28 days post-exposure will give you your result.

I'm not sure what you meant by the handshake story, but that would  never be a risk for HIV, if that's what you were asking.
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