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I was with my boyfriend, and trough foreplay he fingered me, and I think he scratched me with his fingernails,after that he rubbed his pe...
I paid a prostitute for sex 3 weeks ago. I received unprotected oral sex for 20 seconds, and protected sex for 10 seconds. I came inside ...
Sir I went to a pub where i sat with comfort woman. 1. No sex oral, vaginal or anal 2. Sucked woman breasts multiple times, she was lacta...
Hey everyone, I last had unprotected sex (insertive - I am a gay male) around May 18, 2019. I posted previously on here about being on...
Hello i had a deep kiss with a woman about 3 w/ago.( very mild and with brief tongue touch).she also suck my finger and it results to i ...
Hi, I have recently visited a massage parlour and had a body massage along with hand job. while taking hand job, she had switched off the...
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