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You may be exposed to HIV if you: 1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR 2) Share IV drug equipment with o...
Will valtrex affect HIV RNA Quantitative result? I take valtrex 500mg everyday, will this affect the result of the test? I took the HI...
These may be really stupid questions but I’m curious if I am at risk for HIV. I work in a correctional facility and Had two occasions wh...
I had brief unprotected insertive fellatio and then protected vaginal sex. I am scared i may have gotten HIV from this incident. Do i nee...
Hi, Whether Root canal procedure in dental hospital can cause HIV if previous patient suppose to be HIV patient
Hello, Recently had a hand job from a CSW. I have HSV-2 but rarely get outbreaks. I have an open HSV-2 sore on my penis that I hadn’...
Hello, I had an unprotected oral sex(insertive) with a girl in a massage centre 2 weeks back. She gave me oral sex for a few time and gav...
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