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You may be exposed to HIV if you: 1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR 2) Share IV drug equipment with o...
One month ago I went have sex with commercial Sex worker but out of fear I did not had intercourse with her but I rubbed my penis over he...
Received an handjob with glove after the massage got to know she had cut on her thumb she said it was a day old, i didnot see any flowing...
Hello! I engaged in oral sex (I was the giver) about a month ago. I have cavities, and my gums tend to bleed easily. After 28 days, I too...
4 protected encounters in 30 days although some doubts like condom reversed or fingering with a finger where I used to test for blood sug...
Hi, I am a gay person. I've never been bottom before. I wanted to try this with someone recently. I asked about his STI status and he ...
I am currently worried(may be paranoid) for some reasons Last week I have been with two escorts. With the first escort I only rubbed he...
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