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ARS Symptoms


About a month ago (March 14) I "sort of" had unprotected sex with someone I do not know. He was rubbing my penis (without a condom) against his anus and it penetrated. I pulled out within 30 seconds once I realized what happened. There was no ejaculation nor prolonged contact.

About 1 week after that, I experienced fever, headache and loss of appetite which I attributed to the common cold. However, about 2 weeks from possible exposure, I became ill again with the same symptoms including headache, loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue, night sweats, extreme sore throat, sinus congestion and fever. I recovered from the second bout of sickness within 3 days but within a week (week 3) I came down with the same illness again with the same symptoms.

Is this recurring fever ARS? I am really worried.
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You could wait for a few days more and get tested (around 4+ week )
A negative result would be welcome
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is this recurrent fever typical of ARS?

Please respond. Thanks!
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