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Are extreme beck pain and shoulder pain cause to worry ?

About 15 days ago I had protected sexwith a man I met off of tinder . A condom was used because I am too paranoid not to use one . But using a condom didn’t soothe my paranoia . So about 5 days later I began to get a sore throat that was hardly noticeable but than soon after that my neck began to get very stiff as well as my shoulders and I developed a headache that will not go away . I am also expericing blurry vision . I have tried a muscle relaxer and Motrin.l but I still have this headache and stiff neck and pain in my shoulders that will not go away. It’s so bad I cannot work . My question is would symptoms of hiv start showing this quickly? And what is my risk ?
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Try to relaz abit as you do not have a risk for hiv because you used a condom.
Also all the symptoms you mentioned sound more like anxiety rather than ars symptoms,
forget about hiv and move on with your life.
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If a condom fails it rips down the seam so that didn't happen. You can't get hiv when you use a condom, so your problem is not disease, it is fear of disease. "...because I am too paranoid.."
See doc, or a physio person for your back since this is an hiv prevention forum and stop examining your body cold turkey because a sore throat that was barely noticeable was likely in your imagination.
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