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Can it be HIV infection?

Hello. I had sexual encounter with a sex worker in Spain 6 weeks ago and even if I used condom, I was sadly very wasted and can't really remember the details, whether the condom was broken or not, was it used correctly, etc... Though as far as I remember it collected all the semen, so it should not be damaged. To be sure, 3 weeks later after the exposure I went to a HIV test (Elisa HIV1 antigen + HIV1 and HIV2 antibodies). It turned out to be negative. Anyway, I still have some frustration, this girl was African and I am a bit afraid that I might got HIV2 because it can occur in countries like Spain, France, Portugal, etc.  As far as I know antibodies are not detected within 6 weeks. I did not have fever, though I had joint pains and experiencing some rash. I can't decide whether they can be symptoms of HIV or just my body works normally and reacts to the stress. How reliable is the test after 3 weeks and what are my chances for getting HIV2? Are the antibodies detected with this test within this period of time? I also don't know how sure is a condom, during some heavier sex it might have some scratches maybe and virus can come in? Or is it almost impossible? Thanks for your answer in advance.
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Broken condom would have been apparent. Hiv2 is a rare strain. Your 3 weeks test is a good indication that you don't have hiv. Get tested with the same test after 4 weeks as many experts consider it to be conclusive after 28 days.

The average time for seroconversion is 21 to 25 days. Most people develop detectable antibodies within 6 to 8 weeks. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your reply. I will go to a confirmation test in the middle of next week, that time it will be 7 and a half weeks. So if I am right, that will be almost 100 % conclusive.
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Almost, yes.  Just not conclusive as far as official guidelines are concerned.  But a vast majority of people will seroconvert at 4-6 weeks.  And you had a DUO test at 21 days.  If your test is negative, it would be EXTREMELY unlikely to change.
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You mean the 3 weeks test is unlikely to change or the test I will do next week (if it turns out to be negative)? Also, can rashes be an only symptom?
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A DUO at 3 weeks is a good indicator of your status.  You cannot use symptoms to self-diagnose yourself.  HIV symptoms can be linked to hundreds of other things.  Everyone who comes here thinks they're having symptoms, then they test negative.  If your issues persist, talk to your doctor.
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