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Can tests be false negative or can HIV survive untransmitted?

I have recently tested negative for HIV (blood) and have not had any risky exposure for over 10 years. I'm also negative to Hepatitus a,b, & c.

I began having unprotected anal sex with my wife about 2 months ago. After about 2 weeks she began to develop severe acne on her face that hasn't happened to her since her early 20's. She is  40.

She has herpes and at times get zits on her face (rarely her lips) when she is run down physically or under high stress. The breakout usually almost immediately responds to zovarax (sp?). When she hasn't been getting a lot of sleep she can also get these pimples, the more sleep deprived the worse that they present. In all cases, except for the present, they go away quickly with a few days when getting extra sleep and taking zovarax.

This time however, she has developed very bad herpes acne, which has been just very slowly responding to zovarax. If she misses a zovarax pill then she gets 3-4 more large pimples, so she is just barely containing it. She clearly is experiencing a high viral load and suppressed immune function.

Is it possible that I tested negative to HIV, but that I actually have it? Or is it possible that HIV entered my urethra and perhaps backflowed to my prostate or seminal vessicle so that I am carrying the virus without it entering my bloodstream (as I've had to cuts or other modes of entry).

We have stopped having anal sex the last couple weeks, but her issues have continued.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
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No it is not possible.
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Can any of the doctors weigh in on joey406's comment?
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