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One guy and I were playing volleyball,he had a dry blood on his hands,he was touching that ball,an I was touching that ball.When I came home I forgot to wash my hands,and I started to bite my nails and fingers,I had a little sore in my mouth.
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HIV is only transmitted in specific ways. They include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You don't describe a risk. At all. You can not touch an object and get HIV. Air exposure inactivates the virus and this is not the way ANYONE gets HIV.
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So there is no HIV on that ball?
Already answered that. NO.  You will NOT get HIV from touching a volleyball with blood on it. EVER.
So there is no HIV on that ball?
Man thank you very much you saved me
Im so scary because,10 minutes ago I touched that ball with wound on my finger.
It was a little open wound.
With blood.
You sound like you have an anxiety disorder, to be honest. It's already been clearly stated you can not get HIV from this and fear of a volleyball or just blood out in the open is irrational.  Talk to your doctor about anxiety.
Alright man thank you so much you helped me
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If he has HIV,can I get it?
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Did you read my post?
Hiv is a fragile virus and it will break expose to air. So there is no risk of Hiv transmission.
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