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Diagnosed with mono after low risk incident, do I need to retest?

Several months ago I had unprotected oral sex with another man , a student at my university that I am not in regular contact with. He claims to have only had 4 partners. Other than this incident I am not sexually active.I finished, but when it was my turn he did not ejaculate. His penis was inside my mouth very briefly, like under five seconds. I did not see any precum, although his penis touched the back of my throat. Four weeks later, I woke up with swollen lymph nodes in my neck as well as stiffness. I eventually developed fatigue and a sore throat and mild cough, no fever or night sweats. I took an HIV test (I do not know what kind or generation) and a regular STD panel from my primary care physician five weeks after the incident, one week after the start of symptoms. All came back negative, then my doctor tested me for mono, which came back positive the same day. I have had anxiety about the incident ever since, since I know that there are similar symptoms and that the tests can be cross reactive. I have since passed the 3 month mark, I will most likely take another test but do I have anything to be concerned about?
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"I will most likely take another test but do I have anything to be concerned about? "

NO. You didn't even need the first test. You never had a risk and don't require testing.
thanks for the quick reply. Anxiety is a *****
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