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Do I have HIV?

I didn't have sex in life nor any drugs usage. I went to doctor for sudden palpitations and he ordered all routine tests. ECLIA came low reactive (1.27) , ELFA not reactive(0.03). After 15 days I came to know about this result. Doctor ordered western blot which came after one week result indeterminate (only p24 band positive).in-between ordered hiv real time PCA which said hiv not detected.performed CLIA test which is negative. After western bolt again CMIA Elisa performed which gave negative. Doctor said no more test is necessary and I am negative. Both first elclia and western blot are false positive. Can I conclude it or need more tests?. I am 100 present sure no kind of risk in atleast last 10 weeks.
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As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

If you don't do either of those activities, you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.  Nothing else you can think of is a risk for HIV.

I don't know why you were tested for HIV, but you didn't need the tests at all since you were never at risk.  In any case, you are DEFINITELY HIV-negative and you don't need more tests.
But I am unable to understand why p24 came positive in western blot.may be first Elisa is false positive but how can western blot show p24 band? Even though I am not infected? Can both be false positives?
There is no need to focus on the science behind a test, since you had no risk. .
No risk=no disease.
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