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Everyones opinion on the Window Period-Lets hear it.


So i wanted to post about HIV testing and its TRUE window period. I have read all over the internet about 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months testing. However I want everyone to share their opinion on the topic. What have you learned in your testing experience from other doctors? I already know that "experts" on this website believe in 3 months, but what about everyone else? Are there cases when you should test past 3 months? or is 3 months post possible exposure the Golden Ticket? Is this in part of the newer testing methods? Has anyone heard of someone in the past 5 years testing positive after 3 months of an exposure?  I just want to see what most people say. I think this would help out a lot of people if we get a lot of feedback. Whatever you have heard share it with our community. I know a lot of people are worried about the window period(including myself) so dont hold back.
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The experts on this site believe 8 weeks is enough testing...
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The window period is 4 weeks to 3 months.
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Medical science states 12 weeks.

Individuals who freak out needlessly quote periods from 12 weeks to 20 years, take your pick buddy. Medical science or ill informed Google" experts" who read no end of out of date and distorted clap trap.
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A Non-Reactive result with Uni-GoldTM Recombigen® HIV does not exclude
the possibility of infection with HIV. A false negative result may occur in the
following circumstances:
● Recent infection. Antibody response to a recent exposure may take
several months to reach detectable levels.

You tested negative at 14 weeks which is conclusive
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how about 3 weeks?
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:) thanks for pulling that up for me as i read it brings me back to that stupid day. Im glad you guys helped me out though really appreciate it.
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