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Exposure, Symptoms and Tested

Hello, I performed naked anal frottage on a CSW and then received brief unprotected oral from her. I developed urinary symptoms (burning pee, frequent urination, pain at penis tip) about 4 days later and have had these symptoms for the last 4 and a half weeks. Then, at 4 and a half weeks after my exposure, I also developed a 101 fever for the past 5 days, along with severe headache, neck pain, thrush on tongue, lower back pain, and an ulcer on my tongue. My liver enzymes were elevated as well, which now only the alk phos is elevated. I took an antigen/ antibody hiv test at 34 days post exposure which was negative. However, I'm still having these symptoms and I'm freaked out thinking its still hiv.

Is the antigen/antibody test accurate at 34 days post exposure??

Are these symptoms from hiv??

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In order to transmit HIV sexually, unprotected anal or vaginal penetration is required.   Neither rubbing nor receiving oral is a risk for HIV.  Whatever is causing your medical symptoms is not related to HIV, so you can look at any other cause for your maladies.
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Hi, even if my penis opening comes in contact with her rectal fluids during anal frottage? I read rectal fluids have high concentration of hiv. And my symptoms seem to be ARS.
Also, you have tested negative which proves you did not get HIV from this event.
Why not? If rectal fluids has hiv in it? Also,my antigen/antibody test was 34 days after the exposure date. Would the antigen/ antibodyvtest be conclusive at 34 days? Thanks
Would the antibody/antigen test be absolutely conclusive at 34 days after the exposure if I was exposed? What is the time-frame on this? I read at 28 days, but then it could change from neg to positive between 28 and 42 days. Can you please clarify?
It is recommended for those who have had an exposure with someone who is HIV+ to test to 42 days, just to be sure.  You did not have that risk.

There's no real airtight environment in rubbing, and there's generally not a ton of fluid being forced into the urethra.

Test if you want, test when you want.  I'm not here to stop you from doing anything.
So you would not recommend retesting, even with my ARS-like symptoms? And when do the flu-like ARS symptoms usually appear after exposure? My fever headache etc was at 4 and a half weeks after. Thanks
And how accurate is the test at 34 days post? And you're saying this was a NO RISK event?
You had no risk for hiv, so testing for hiv was a waste of your time. It is not surprising the test for a no risk disease was negative.
If you are sick see doc for a diagnosis instead of wasting your time thinking it is hiv - some of your symptoms seem minor and are things that people get which may go away on their own  - like tongue ulcer, backache, but no one can diagnose from here.
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By anal frottage, I mean I rubbed my penis up and down her butt crack for a while.
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