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I was standing outside my mothers shop and a random drunk girl walked to me and she started talking to me, i was ignoring her, suddenly she put her finger inside of her mouth and then put it straight into my mouth I had a cut inside my mouth. This is why I'm worried if the women had blood on her finger from touching the inside her mouth and her finger with blood  went straight into my mouth and it touched the cut inside my mouth can i be infected with HIV?.
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This is not a risk for HIV.  HIV is not transferred from person to person through the mouth.  First, a cut in your mouth that wasn't bleeding to the point of requiring immediate medical attention isn't sufficient to allow HIV to enter the bloodstream.  Second, saliva has properties that inhibit the virus.

No one, in the 40+ year history of HIV has been infected by an event like this, and you will not be the first.  Forget about it and move on.  The worst that could happen is you could contract a cold, flu, or other common virus.  NOT HIV.
I appreciate your comment, my only concern is that if the cut inside my mouth was fresh from that day and i remember having an ulcer as well and the girls finger with blood on it touched the inside of my mouth with the cut/ulcer would i be infected.  BECAUSE I THOUGHT HIV IS PASSED FROM BLOOD TO BLOOD.
Curfew please answer I'm waiting for your response.
I'm not available on command.  Also, you just repeated your question.  I read it the first time.  You had NO RISK and there is nothing you can add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.  HIV is not passed via the mouth, no matter what.
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