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HIV Risk? (very very anxious) - protected sex with trans person, condom broke

Hello community. 1 hour ago I had sex with a trans friend (not prostitute). We kissed, she gave me unprotected oral sex and i inserted into her anus. We had sex for 5 minutes and then the condom broke. I immediately noticed it, so i got my penis off her anus, 1-2 seconds after the condom broke. Should I be worried? She told me that she is clean but i can't trust anybody. Should i take medication tomorrow (for a month) ?
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PEP is not recommended unless you know the other person is positive. If they always use a condom then they would be negative. You already know oral is not a risk from previous advice, so that is irrelevant.
Can you get previous test data from the friend? You will have to make the decision what to do though.
Actually she is not a close friend of mine. She told me that she is clean and negative but I am not so sure because she wasn't that much surprised when the condom broke. Do you consider this situation a high risk?
I am going to the hospital in 2-3 hours to ask for PEP. Do you think that it will be effective ?
Who supplied the condom?
I did
Did she ask for a condom or did you already show it first?
I already showed it first. But after I told her that i want to ejaculate at her mouth and she said no.
I already told you that oral is zero risk and mentioned it again on this thread. Focusing on that irrelevant event is just making it harder for you to deal with the relevant ones.

You have 3 days to start PEP, so I would be asking for her test results before that.
No I only care about the condom break to tell you the truth. Is a 1-2 second unprotected contact high risk? I will tell her to go for a blood test tomorrow.  If she is negative, i wont have to take PEP right?
She would have a window period to account for, but a negative rapid test would make her odds of positive much lower. Or if she shows you a recent duo test which I asked before. "Can you get previous test data from the friend? "
Ok i will ask her to do a test tomorrow or show me a previous test. I will go for PEP in a couple of hours. But tell me your opinion, is a 1-2 second exposure, a high risk?
I can't guess so you shouldn't try either. There is risk with anal, but your exposure was short which reduces the risk so it is not possible for me to do anything but guess, which is not going to do you any good.
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