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Hello guys, my question is that I made out with my girlfriend and i kissed her and sucked her boobs but I saw a little dryness and flaky skin on her boobs. So do you think I have any risk of transmission in this case. I am worried as I am an overthinker and this is really disturbing me. Do you think that dead skin and skin cells can transmit Hiv?
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Sucking Boobs or Kissing are No Risk Activities

Relax,  Hiv is not transmitted that way.

Only confirmed risk sexually are having unprotected Penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

Move On with your Life
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I am also wondering that can dead skin also contain infection, I mean she was suffering from dryness.
No, this is not a hiv concern.
You already mentioned Dead skin and dryness in your original post.

Relax and Move On.
You were never at risk from the activities described above
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Does she have HIV?

Regardless, that is NOT how HIV is spread. Always use condoms for penetrative sex and never share drug needles and you'll avoid HIV entirely.
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Why do you think your girlfriend has HIV? Having secret suspicions isn't a great way to be in a relationship.  If you're concerned, you should both test together. When you both get a negative, neither one of you will need to be concerned about getting HIV, in any way, from each other.
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No. This isn't a form of transmission. If you're really concerned about your girlfriend having HIV, ask her to get tested (get tested with her too).
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If you are in a monogamous relation why dont you both go and get tested as CurfewX mentioned.

This will eradicate your all what if questions for any future activities.

As of now,  for present mentioned activities you were not exposed to any HIV risk.
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