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HIV and Dentist

On 18 December I visited a dentist,who was my dentist from past 2 years.
Well behaved and maintain good clinic condition.
I was facing inflamed gum issue in a root canal treated teeth which was treated by her.
When I was there i saw a closed and used syringe. where droplets of water was present in the closed cover of needle.
She remove the needle and pour water in the syringe and clean root of my teeth and when I spit blood came out.
I asked her it was a used syringe she told me that it is only for cleaning purpose nothing else.
Same evening I visited again and found same thing a syringe filled with water was placed and I asked her again .
She told me there is nothing to worry they are not used LA they are only for cleaning purpose.
Is any possibility of HIV in this way.
Or I am thinking too much
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There are few cases.
But the blood could be yours? I dont really understand what you are describing.
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Blood is mine that's for sure and I am 100 percent sure .
Only thing I want to say that she poured water and clean my infected root with the syringe.
The syringe was used before.
As per her she used that only for cleaning purpose not to inject anybody or in process of giving ANAESTHESIA to any of her patients.
This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore  testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead.  
Only 3 adult risks are the following:
1. unprotected penetrating vaginal with a penis
2. unprotected penetrating anal sex with a penis
3. sharing hollow needles that you inject with.
The only way to get HIV is if you did one of the 3. The situation you describe is a long way from any of these 3.
Even with blood, lactation, cuts, rashes, burns, etc the air or the saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. Doctors have calculated the risk from what you describe to be less than that of being hit by a meteor, therefore no one will get HIV from what you did in the next 40 years of your life either. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established, so no detail that you can add to your encounter will change it from zero risk.
Thanks sir !!!!!
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