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HIV2 Detection

I have a negative HIV test that is around 4 month so I know that I can surely exclude HIV1. However, I heard that in some countries tests are not accurate enough for varieties of HIV2 even after this long period. What would you say about this, can be true or absolutely nonsense?
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Nope and HIV2 is rare.
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Yeah I know it's rare but I had a sexual encounter with an African sex worker at an afterparty and I was a bit afraid that there might be some chance after hearing some info that these subtypes are not detected by some tests.
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So you had unprotcted sex with her?
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Gotta wear a condom and if you waited 4 months came back negative you should be find
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I had a condom on, though I was very wasted so I don't remember anything - was it used properly, was it broke, etc. Anyway, I am pretty sure I don't have it, just I was curious about possibility of HIV2 misdetection in cases like that.
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Even if you did have a risk, which you did not, you are conclusively negative for HIV-1 and -2
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Thanks for your answer!
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