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High risk exposure or am I just letting my anxiety beat me up?

18 days ago I went to the strip club with a friend for his birthday and I girl whom I’ve known for awhile. (This girl has repeatedly told me that she gets tested fairly often). We got pretty intoxicated. Before we left the club I got a strippers phone number who said she wanted to hangout at her place after work. When I left I took the girl home that had come to the club with me and had unprotected oral, vaginal & anal sex with her. A few hours later the stripper that I met wanted me to come over, which I did, and I allowed her to perform oral sex on me, and attempted to have vaginal sex with her (unprotected), I say attempted because I was still really intoxicated and at this point was getting tired so it was hard for me to keep it up. I had my penis inside her for maybe a total of 5 minutes or less. The next morning I developed bumps around and on my penis and within a few days decided to get it checked out and discovered I had been infected with HSV-1. Being that I had 2 sexual encounters I can’t say for certain which girl I got it from. 13 days later, 2 of my roommates come down with a terrible flu and test positive for influenza type A, and the next day, 14 days after exposure I woke up extremely sick feeling. High fever, muscle aches, joint aches, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. I am wondering what are the chances that I actually contracted HIV from either of these two exposures? Or is it more probable that I just had a flu bug. It ya been 5 days since getting sick, 18 days past exposure, and feel almost completely better. While I was sick I had no swollen or painful nodes, no sore throat, no ulcers in mouth, & no rash. I am seriously freaking myself out. I took a oraquick test yesterday (17 days past exposure ) that came back negative and plan to test again at one month, 2 months, and lastly at 3 months. Please help!!! I can hardly sleep at night.
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Also wanted to note that I have been in close contact with the stripper who still maintains that she does not have herpes or any other std for that matter. She took an oraquick hiv rest in front of me which came back negative. She still wants to be friends and hangout even without sex.
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You had unprotected vaginal so need to test with a duo after 4 weeks or any other after 12. Therefore her Oraquick does not cover the 12 weeks window but that is irrelevant for you since you have the other woman to also worry about. Any stripper that does unprotected vaginal probably does it with other strangers, but you also ran risk with the other woman who is also carefree about HIV risk.
Everyone gets the flu and you did too. HIV docs can't diagnose from symptoms so you should stop poking your lymph area, stop examining your body and stop Googling cold turkey because there is no useful diagnostic other than a test.
Also, unprotected anal was a risk. Oral is zero risk for HIV.
So in your opinion my 4-5 day ongoing flu symptoms are indicative of flu & not hiv symptoms? Like I said vaginal intercourse with the stripper was very brief and short lived due to fact that I couldn’t keep erection. Only ongoing symptoms I have are - low grade fever (99.6), cough (that I think is turning into bronchitis), minor aches in my right shoulder joint, ongoing night sweats (soaking bed & waking up multiple times, also quit smoking 4 days ago) and pain in both of my lower leg muscles (possibly from not eating well & laying around for the last 4 days?) bottom line should I be concerned that I have acquired HIV or can I rest my mind knowing that it is probably just flu? Can someone have ARS symptoms and a positive flu diagnosis at the same time? I don’t recall being this sick in a long time I slept for almost 3 days straight during my initial “flu” symptoms.  I also went to urgent care last night and got antibiotics + steroids for my cough and had blood drawn for hiv lab test. Are a lot of strippers hiv positive ? I have read that even most CSW are hiv negative. Please respond promptly. Thank you so much
You mentioned that several people in your home had flu, and flu is highly contagious.  Obviously, you probably caught the flu.  Flu can put people in bed for WEEKS, so of course you're not feeling well.

No one can comment on your symptoms.  Yes, you could have ARS and flu at the same time.  There's no way to determine if a lot of strippers are/are not HIV+.  Most people in the world are HIV-negative, so it stands to reason that most people, in any demographic group, are HIV-negative.

We can't tell you anything more about your symptoms, as symptoms (or lack thereof) are not diagnostic.  Take the appropriate test at the appropriate time to know your status.

Thanks so much for your responses. It is sincerely appreciated. One last question and I will stop bothering you folks - is it more likely that the lasting symptoms I’m having from my “flu bug” are due to complications from being sick with the actual flu, versus being ARS symptoms? Possibly pneumonia or bronchitis? And what is exactly is a duo test for HIV? Can I request one of these at an urgent care at the 4 week mark? And if the results are negative, is that conclusive or should I test again at 3 month mark? Thanks so much for your prompt responses.
We can't tell you anything more about your symptoms, as symptoms (or lack thereof) are not diagnostic.
Duo is also called 4th gen, AG/AB and other names so just ask the clinic for it. You only need one conclusive test and duo is conclusive at 4 weeks. You don't test for other diseases multiple times after you get a conclusive result.
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