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Hiv or hepatitis through blood draw

Okay so I tried posting this in the ocd community, because I do believe my thoughts are obsessive... i got my blood drawn at a small urgent care clinic. The healthcare worker used a butterfly needle to draw my blood. He had great difficulty doing it... taking him three times to be able to draw the blood... I’m worried of the possibility of him reusing the needle... I did see him throw the needles away after using them with me, and I’m also pretty sure it was a retractable needle because I heard it make a sound that sounded like it was retracting... should I be worrying... are there any risks? Can I have sex with my boyfriend without worrying of infecting him. If it was reused, blood is being withdrawn from me so there’s less of a risk right? I’m so sorry if someone could give me advice I’d appreciate it...
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No it is not a risk for hiv. No one ever got hiv from a blood draw so as you were told on the ocd forum, it is a mental issue and it is good that you are getting help soon.
The only non sexual risk for hiv is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with. You didn't inject. The nurse withdrew blood which is the opposite.
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Okay last question I promise, so if it was reused, the blood in the needle wouldn’t leak into my bloodstream at all? And the surface of the needle would be deactivated by the air?
There is NO scenario under which you could be infected with HIV from a blood draw.  Period.
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I am getting therapy soon... but for some reason I feel like I need reassurance that I have nothing to worry about... my concerns are that the needle was clotted that’s why he had so much trouble drawing my blood... please be nice I know I’m being irrational...
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