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Hiv tests

Hi everyone. I had unprotected anal sex with a girl 7 months ago. After 9 days I felt unwell generally, after 11 days I had fever, chills, bodyache, mouth ulcers, fatigue, night sweats. And after day 14 a two days diarrhea. I did hiv 4th gen at days 20, 47, 83 , rapid 3rd generation at days 24, 39, 130, 190 and a third generation elisa antibody at day 191. And a rna pcr qualitative at day 50 for hiv-1.
All were negative.
But I have fatigue, night sweats about every week (once a week- sometimes more and sometime less).
I have to add, I had chicken pox two times when I was a kid, so I'm afraid I'm in that group of people who don't produce antibody against viruses well and I'm servonegative.
I had many strange diseases like cellulite infection at 27years old.
But my main problem is fatigue, and the fact that I had many flu symptoms after 10 days of intercourse, did you guys saw any people whom they had these symptoms but they are hiv negative????
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How do you know this is symptoms of hiv ?There are other diseases also .You are hiv free.
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I'm not sure, I was so energized before that incident. Of course I had night sweats before but they were not severe.
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Most important part is your fourth generation test you had is conclusive that you are negative.
you do not have hiv.
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I'm not completely sure that my tests at day 83 and 190 was the fourth generation.
Considering them 3rd generation, am I safe?
What about my symptoms?
Yep 3rd gen test also conclusive anyday after 90th .!! Symptoms may be due to 100s of reasons..basically best advise i d give for you get a complete std panel done..there are some other std out there ! & my personal expierence is i also experienced fatigue and muscle aches. Finally diagoised as vitamin d severe deficient as i stayed home for months after incident lol.
I've checked vitamin d too, it's low in my body but not very low.
Thanks for the reply.
Your welcome.
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Friends do you have another advices for me? any more ideas??
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yes,  seek mental help(a psychiatrist or therapist) if you're still scared of HIV  because you've been told you do not have it and repeatedly have tested negative. this section of the forum is for HIV prevention only, if you think you have an actual medical issue(not HIV) please see a Dr.
Thanks, your answer is a big relief. I hope I can forget everything about it.
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1. Hiv symptoms are non specific
2. You have no hiv cause your test is conclusive
3. No such thing as chicken pox cause people cannot produce ab. No such thing!
4. 4th gen test already tested for p24 ag. Therefore you have no hiv
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Thanks a lot, you helped a lot
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Any hiv test after 3months is conclusive feel free
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