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I didn't check the condom and now i'm worried

Hello, sorry about my english, I'm from spain and i'm trying to do my best. My concerns are related about condoms. I had vaginal sex with a condom with a CSW. The wrapper was open before I arrived and when we put the condom it took us a bit of time to lower it completely, it seemed drier. During the relationship I noticed something strange, I took out my penis and everything seemed to be correct. When I finished, I withdrew the condom and everything seemed fine. However, since the condom was dry, I am afraid of the possibility that it has broken. All the semen was inside, but what if it has been broken perhaps in the back of the penis, with a small tear and I did not see it, where fluid could enter.
I read on an website that not all condoms failure are obvious, that it can be sublte. I don't know where to find good info about this issue.

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As long as the head of your penis was covered during the encounter, which it clearly was given that the semen collected inside, you were not at risk for HIV.  HIV needs to be rubbed directly into your urethra, and could never "travel" from a small hole at the base, up your shaft, and into your urethra.

A condom that does not visibly break, exposing the head of your penis to unprotected penetration, protects you fully from HIV. a "subtle" condom failure could allow for pregnancy, but not HIV.
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