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Is diarrhea a early symptom on hiv?

Good afternoon medhelp,

I recently had a drunk sexual encounter with a man who fingered me anally and stuck penis in once until I stopped him. 4 days after encounter I've had liquid diarrhea for a week, went to the doctor and they subscribe me 5 days of cipro. Ive lost 10 pounds so far. My question: is diarrhea a early symptom of hiv and what is my risk level with the situation above.
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You didn't mention a condom. If he didn't have a condom and penetrated your anus with his penis then you had a risk. If he is negative you have zero risk, so just focus on that to try to relax as much as possible until you can test. A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks.
hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them and neither should you.
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Thank you for your response. From my memory he tried to penetrate once but said I was too tight so I'm not sure if he made it in. But then I insisted on a condom and he definitely didn't make it in after that. Should I be worried? I thought I was fine until this whole diarrhea thing happened and now I'm freaking out.
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So, we weren't there.  But from what you say, he likely did NOT penetrate you.  If you are 'too tight', you are going to know if he entered your rectum. And you can't get HIV by having the outside of your anus touched by a penis.  There has to be penetration.  So, likely, you are all clear on that front.  HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms. EVER.  Only risk assessment and testing.  I don't think you need to test.  If you decide to, do so at 28 days with a 4th generation duo test but expect it to be negative.
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