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Maybe worried about nothing

Thank you for the help. I made a stupid decision and went to a massage parlor. I received plastic wrap protected oral. The thing is, the plastic wrap seemed to be not wrapped right. So the person tossed it aside and then just finished with a hand. However, I am worried about HIV exposure from this incident. I have a partner and I am so guilt ridden about my stupid decision. This happened about 3 days ago. I am wondering if I should wait to be tested and if it's okay to have unprotected sex with my partner. I don't want things to seem weird. But I also don't want to put her at risk for anything. This community seems very helpful and I really appreciate any advice.

Thank you so much.
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There is NO RISK for HIV from receiving oral sex, whether it is protected or not.  You can forget about this incident and move on with your life.
Okay. Thank you for the answer and the help. I've perused the site and I thought it would be helpful to add my own experience so I could have my own peace of mind. Thank you for reassuring me. I will work at moving on with my life. Have a good weekend.
If you are worried about your partner don't go to massages where you can get Covid. You were worried about the hiv virus that is dead in air and saliva but Covid on the other hand  is very infectious in both of those situations.
Hey Anxious! That is a valid point. I was recently vaccinated when I made my stupid stupid decision. And I was consider somehow about HIV and the Covid vaccine. But it sounds like I don’t need to worry. I was not thinking about my partner in this instance about Covid. I totally regret that. Thanks for bringing my attention to that.
Concerned* (I was concerned about the Covid Vaccine making me for in danger of getting HIV). Sorry if that wasn’t clear. But I was totally in the wrong.
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