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Oral HIV

Hi! I performed oral sex for about 15 seconds to an unknown guy. He also performed oral to me for a brief period. No ejaculation occured. What is my risk from contracting HIV?

Why are there some apparent conflicting information about oral in CDC and some other experts saying that giving oral is not theoretical but a low but real risk? Are the reported cases all anecdotal? And do you have an idea how many are the 'few' reported?

I am really anxious about my exposure coz if it's a real risk/rare occurence, then who knows I might be  the unlucky one? Also Dr. Hool appreared to have softened his stance after 2013 from no risk in giving to low risk. Thanks a lot.
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You were never at any HIV risk
Hi! Can you also care to answer on my other questions? Somehow the little details help me to understand more why your stance for oral sex is no risk and not just accept it as gospel truth. Thank you.
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There is something called 'theoretical risk' which means basically zero real risk.  The important thing to know is that no one in all the history of HIV has ever gotten HIV from oral sex.  Not one proven, documented case in 40 years.  The HIV virus is fragile and inactivated by air and saliva.  You won't get HIV from oral sex.
Thank you. So I can infer that all reported cases worldwide are unconvincing/perhaps lying? May I also know your expertise and the other respondents here in HIV Forum? You guys really appear to be very knowledgable.
Those 'stories' are just that, stories that were not able to ever be proven.  Doctors and HIV experts would be all over a documented case and they aren't.  No HIV expert says to be concerned over oral sex and AT MOST mention theoretical risk which is again, not a real or true risk.
Finally, please dont get offended but aree you a medical professional? So from your risk assessment, I will need definitely need no testing from this exposure?
Theres never a risk,to proved this just go ahead with a duo test and the negative result will prove wat everyone had told you its true.
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John what were your test results?
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